That was hard Wk5 r2

So I did run 2 of wk 5 I was looking forward to it with a good mental Attitude but found it hard it was the thought that kept creeping in that this was 8 mins and the next is a full 20. I know it's a big one for every one but I m not sure I can do 20, 10 may be 15 at an outside shot before collapsing. I was looking forward to the run 3 but after today definitely not so confodent


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  • Rather than listen to the little voice in your head telling you that you can't do it, try to build up your confidence and tell yourself that you CAN. After all, this is a tried and tested training program and many, many people have faced this exact same challenge and conquered it - why should you be any different?

    I am at exactly the same point as you and that is what I am telling myself.

    Enjoy your rest day, look back on your achievements so far ( I bet you thought you would never be able to do 8 minutes at the start) and then - go get 'em tiger!

    Oh, and afterwards come back here and let us all know how you did x

  • You can do it, just get in a steady rhythm and keep breathing.

  • Keeping breathing is very good :)

  • or you go blue and blue isn't a good colour

  • Trueโ˜บ

  • I had that thought at that point, infact at a lot of points in the programme, a lot do, but got it done, also my wife did, but she got through it, and is now on w8, so be positive and get on with it!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Love those positive vibes Dave... x

  • Set yourself up for success - avoid hills and perhaps go where there is a change of scenery to look at - I went to a park where a could say to myself: just to the end of this path.. just to that bin... just to the end of that pitch.... and before I knew it, I had completed it! Also I adjusted my movement slightly to relieve different muscles.

    I'm off to the same place to night as I'm due to do the first 25min run - wk 6 run 3, and since my w5r3, I've only done the short runs again, so I'm hoping for the same results!

  • I Like that... set yourself up for success! Gonna' borrow that if I may... :)

    Your runs will be fine with that attitude! :)

  • Years of riding an unpredictable horse and needing to regain my confidence! :D Thank you :)

  • Oh yes... I had one, that refused to walk though any puddles.. never, ever..! Nothing quite like a stubborn horse... :)

  • Like you W5R2 did not exactly fill me with confidence! I have found that the first 10 minutes of any run are the killer (did W8R2 today), then the magic happens and I find my rhythm. Breathing gets smoother and my legs just seem to get on with it. Following advice from the Wise Ones on here I lengthened my warm up walk to 10 minutes which seems to allow me to get settled more quickly. You have done 8 minutes, so I bet you can do 10, and after that you get to count back down to zero. Set off on the next run with curiosity and let your body get on with it, it's got you this far. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Good luck!

  • You've done 16 minutes running today, so you can definitely do 20. Just go at a pace that makes you feel comfortable. Also, just think of it as 4x 5 minute runs.

    Have faith in yourself :)

  • Stop over thinking this. You've run two lots of 8 minutes already, this is just two lots of 10 minutes without the annoying break in the middle. Not having to stop and walk allows you to keep your rhythm better and you may even enjoy this run more because the time really does go quicker than you imagine.

    Ease into the run gently and keep a slow, even pace. The key to conquering this run is to take it easy, don't rush it, if you have the energy and feel like a sprint at the end, do so, but don't go too fast too soon. Everyone worries about this run, but just look at all the "I can't believe I did it" posts if you need further inspiration.

  • So true...I still cannot believe a half of the mad things I do :)

  • You can so do this... take all the advice from the others.:)

    Slow, steady and just go with the programme. Take it easy, breathe steadily, and enjoy the journey.

    Remember the saying..It does not matter how slowly you long as you do not stop!

    You won't stop, you will do this, and come back and tell us all about it :)

  • I keep thinking this I just started week 5 and starting to psych myself up now. We can do this its gonna be tough but We can do it just need to take it slow and steady. It does seems like a huge jump but let's go for it!!

  • Yeay... go for it!

  • You planned your annual holiday yet? I mean really planned it down to the last detail? Made lists, worked out what to take in your hand luggage? Well if not, save that thought, and bring it out when you start the 20 mins. Should carry you right through it. Alternatively, for boys, think about football. Or why the car engine is making a funny noise. Should work.

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