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W6 R3 complete with a couple of PB's too

W6 R3 complete with a couple of PB's too

Well that was a good run, glad I did not have to keep walking inbetween. I started off at a half decent pace. I concentrated on my breathing. I did a new route today mostly down hill until I got around a bend and OMG there was a massive easy mile long hill. My heart sank. Gave myself a good talking too and thought of all you guys on here cheering me on. I did slow my pace right down until I got a little way from the top then the last 90 seconds I ran for my life. Well it felt like it ;-) ended up a fair way from home so walked/ran the rest of the way home.

My new PB's were

Fastest 1k 7.19

Fastest mile 12.18

So pleased with myself and to too this great run off Laura called me a runner. Who would of thought it hey yipppeee I did it. ;-)

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Excellent stuff. Well done! :D

And another nice looking place to run. Is that a footpath/bridleway or did you just venture into a random field?


Thank you peter, it is a bridleway/footpath I used to ride my horse here before I moved him to a different yard. I found some more tracks that I used to ride down too for my next couple of runs. ;-)


Sounds like a lovely run, and with some very nice timings there. It also looks beautiful ;)


They were good times for me as I'd been staying the same pace for so long. I needed those PB's they came at the right time for my parkrun tomorrow too ;-)

It is a beautiful place to run here in norfolk. The odd killer hill to deal with but not assay as some people have to run up ;-)


Well done and with a view like that why wouldn't anyone want to get out of the house, even if they just went for a walk it would be better than watching the old TV. Week 7 coming up, getting ever closer to the finish line or is it the start line when you finish C25K?


Thank you Paul.

Yes your right, I am so glad I am back out there appreciating the beautiful fresh air and scenery.

I am doing W7 R1 tomorrow as I am taking part in our local 3rd aniversary parkrun. yippppeee. It will be an achivement to get over the finish line tomorrow but the start of a running future ahead ;-)

You cant get rid of me that easy ha ha


Well done B - that's brilliant :0). I am quite jealous actually (which I can't believe!!). There were really not enough hours in the day yesterday. Got DD safely ensconced at Uni but the day was just too manic to fit in my run. Now I am in London for a few days and won't be able to get back out until probably Tuesday :0/. I think I will probably run week 6 run 2 again before attempting run 3. You will be leaving me behind. Good luck tomorrow :0)


She's leaving me behind too!

I've just done W6R2.

Do you think you'll really need to repeat that run? W6R3 and all of week 7 are continuous 25 minute runs. I'd be tempted to give it a bash, knowing that I've got 4 attempts at it...

Good luck getting back to it :)


Thank you RK, hey we are all winners. ;-)

I don't think you will need to repeat W6 R2, to be fair it's only 5 minutes more runnung than W5 R3. You can easily do it. Just take it steady, get your pace and go!! You can do it ;-)

I'll keep you informed with the parkrun tomorrow.


Aahhh, congratulations Belinda :)

I'm really pleased for you. Onwards and upwards now...

Was going to wish you luck for week 7, but I honestly don't think you'll need it!



Hey thank you atomic. It's addictive this running lark hey... Well as I'm doing the parkrun I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone and do W7 R1. I'll be knackered come tomorrow as I'm working a 24 hour shift in the afternoon ;-)


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