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Must stop coming here when I can't run

It's doing me no good at all. Coming in here and reading about everybody's achievements is both inspiring and depressing.

Inspiring because it makes me want to get back out there and crack on with the program.

Depressing because I can't due to injury.

The "maybe I could have a little run" gremlins have been chuntering in my ear. But I definitely won't be doing that until I get the ok from my physio.

Would never have believed a few weeks ago that I'd be missing running never mind looking forward to a time when I might think to myself "well I can do 5K, why not give 10K a bash"

I'm not really going to stop coming here - it's a link to running that I wouldn't otherwise have at the minute. Without that link there's always the chance that running will get pushed aside more easily.

Determined NOT to let that happen!

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Right, shove over Pete you've got company before I dash off and get us a n Americano - sorry I rarely drink tea other than a green one with lemon :)

Have you got the sun shining where you are - it's lovely here in Northampton! I'm on the couch too but relaxing and having a browse ( I should be painting!

You have to get yourself out and off the sofa.; into the garden, park - take a picnic - just being outdoors lifts the spirit and blows the cobwebs. Take a bus to the pool perhaps?

I just caught your post and don't know whats put you on the ic but am very sorry your laid up - has it stopped you getting out altogether? Aww no, I am sorry if it has :( bummer.

Keep your chin up and don't leave the site - time for that coffee and I'll pop back to see how you're getting on soon.

See if you can get out for half an hour - it's getting dark so early now and that can make the evenings feel a bit of a drag :)

Chin, chin Pete


Just a plain white coffee for me - can't be doing with any of that fancy stuff.

Weather is lovely, but then I'm also in Northampton ;) well I work here and live nearer to Banbury.

It's knee trouble that has dumped me on the couch, but it does seem to be getting better.


Oh yes just plain coffee here too and I gave up milk an age ago:)

Oh I think c25k should come with a knee warning potential hazard - everyone do strength and stretch and quad sits before starting (type of warning notice)!

I hope it's not too uncomfortable? I just read your posts - what a shame just as you were getting going . It's good to hear it's getting better though and you've got good advice.

Ahh yes lovely Northampton :) always sunny here and lots of parks to jog around!


I'm glad to hear that you're following a physio's advice. You're clearly doing the right thing by involving a professional, and also by trusting his expert advice.

Fingers crossed that you will recover quickly and it won't be long until he gives you the green light again :)


Aw sorry you are stuck on the injury couch for now - but the important thing is how fired up you are to get out there and run. The time will go quickly and the running will be waiting for you then.


Oi Mr we will have less of that, "should not come here". You can't go, I won't let you.

Just think about how far you have come. You got off the couch and got started that's a real big achievement.

Just think of all those 5k and 10k runs you can do in the long run. Your knee will get better and your doing the right thing by resting it. You will be up and at it in no time at all. I'll drag you along the program if I have too. (Goes to look for some rope) that isn't for dragging you either that's for you if you quit ha ha around your neck. ;-)

Onwards and upwards to a full recovery ;-)


/me wonders why B has a supply of rope handy ;)


Now you no ;-) be warned ha ha ;-)


Ooerr! ;)


Oh Peter, I am so sorry about your injury, I can understand your disappointment totally. Hopefully, it wont be long before you get back out there doing what you enjoy. Keep your chin up, you WILL get over this , all the very best to you xxx


So sorry to hear that you are injured but we can't have you risking your health - just wait till the physio gives the green light then take it easy - slow and steady is the mantra. Wishing you a speedy recovery


Thanks for all of the encouragement. I know it's only a little injury, and other people on here have had much worse.

Just feeling a little fed up.

After years of being told to do more exercise, finally start and have to stop. Very frustrating.


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