W5R3 completed!

Five week ago I struggled to run for 60 seconds and felt like my lungs would collapse, well tonight I have completed W5R3 and covered 2.5 miles, I started this programme not really believing that I would get far, I thought that if I could just do 5 minutes it was better than sitting on the couch....I really can't believe that I have come this far in such a short space of time.

Bring on W6!

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  • Well done, it's amazing to achieve something that you thought would be unthinkable.

    Just a few more weeks to go - week 6 is a bit tricky mind you - stick with it and you will amaze yourself again when you graduate.

    :-) xx

  • Well done ! I'm amazed every time I go out still ;) great stuff !!

  • Remarkable isn't it .... Well done you!!! I'm still grinning after doing this one yesterday :D

  • Excellent!! Well done :-)

  • Fantastic - great achievement. Go steady with week 6 and you'll be fine

  • Well done Karin! I’ve just finished week 4 and am gearing up for this one :)

  • So good to read your post as just ticked off W5 D1 only to see how bad W5 D2 looks!!! Great to see others achieving!!! Am hot on your heals lol

  • Week 4 Day 3 tomorrow for me, then it's on to Week 5. I had a little trouble with the 5 minute interval the first time around so had to take an extra day at the start of Week 4. I finished the program on the treadmill early in the spring but when I transitioned outside, it seemed like I'd never run before! I was discouraged and reverted back to walking for a while. Then the summer was hot and my heart wasn't in it. Now, the mornings are chilly (just the way I like it!) and I'm back. I've signed up to run a 5K on Oct 18th with an old high school friend (reconnected on Facebook, haven't seen each other since school). We've recruited a few other beginner runners from our graduating class so there will be a bunch of us 47 year old ladies pounding the pavement. It should be a lot of fun and laughs I'm sure!! It's motivating me to keep it going though :)

  • So inspiring to read this post! You should be so proud of all you have achieved!

    My W5R3 is in two days and I hope that I'm half as happy as you are when I'm done.


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