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No running for up to 6 weeks

Had my physio appointment last night with my bad knee.

He says I've possibly got some minor cartilage damage and damage to the pes anserine tendons (!). He gave me an ultrasound treatment to the tendons, and I've got to go back for 2 more of those. He also gave me some hamstring stretches to do.

He seemed positive that we'd get it sorted but he did say it would probably be 6 weeks before I can run again. Back to the beginning of C25K for me I reckon.

On the positive side, whether due to the ultrasound or stretching, things are feeling a little better today. Have got a bit more movement and a bit less pain (although at 3am it was agony until I dosed up on meds).

Hopefully this injury couch will be a comfortable place to sit and watch everyone else run past.

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...and in 6 weeks you can make friends with Laura again! Take that as a positive. Knowing you have completed the program once already you will be able to really push yourself and work those intervals.


I wish I had completed it...I'd just finished week 2.


Hi Peter, that's a pain! The only good thing is you were at the start. Why don't you try swimming it will help with the cardio

Got my X-ray done today, was told the results will be sent to my gp in about 10days, so I am guessing my ankle damage is soft tissue.

Two of us so far on the injury couch


Oh poor you, that sounds terrible. Hopefully you can get it sorted before 6 weeks, if not the lovely Laura will still be waiting for you, as will we...


Not ideal but at least the outcome sounds positive. Good luck and hope you make a full recovery.


Aww, such a shame Peter...try to keep positive...You must let it heal.This is a great programme to follow, and The Lovely Laura will be waiting for you in 6 weeks time !!!


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