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Hooray - I'm back running after 6 weeks!

Quite a lot has happened - I moved house last week and before that I was on holiday for a couple of weeks. I did manage token runs in Orlando and along Miami's South Beach 8-) but they were only 20 minutes because it was extremely hot and humid.

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that I dug my trainers out of the box where they were looking sad and unloved and went off up the trail today - which is now a convenient 5-minute walk from my front door. Mr. Endomondo was in a cooperative mood, although he thinks that the whole 3k was uphill, which it can't be as I turned and came back down the same path again, so I think he wasn't quite concentrating for that bit.

It was hard work - I have lost more fitness than I had hoped, but I managed 24 minutes before I started to wheeze so thought I'd better stop. I've mapped out a couple of runs from the new house, one of which involves a massive hill and the other a small hill so one way or another I am going to have to get to grips with hills now :D My last 5k was 6 weeks ago, so I guess it will take a little time to get back up to that distance.

It's so nice to be back, both running and on this forum. Life has been so hectic that I haven't even had time to keep up with reading the blogs, so if you have graduated, congratulations; if you are just starting, welcome - you can do it; and if you are struggling, ask for support on here because it is a wonderful place and you have lots of new running friends :)

Happy running to all :)

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I've not been around much for a while either, so it's lovely to see a familiar name again. :)

Enjoy those hills! He he!


Other things do take over occasionally, don't they? Nice to see you here too :)

(Hills - pah!)


Hi and welcome back! You'll learn to love them hills I'm sure! Practice makes perfect! ;-)


Thanks, Poppy - it's great to be back! And love hills? Wash your mouth out!!


I've just moved house to and had an accident which put me out of action for 4 weeks or so. I ran twice recovering from the accident but it was too worrying for loved ones so I quietly gave in and recovered properly.

Life takes over sometimes doesn't it.

I ran yesterday with the families blessing and was amazed how much fitness I've lost like you say. A measly 2.25miles for me, came back looking like a beetroot and feeling sick with sore ankles and thighs

Welcome back I'm sure we'll be back in the groove soon :-)


Sorry to hear about your accident - I hope you're recovering well. Like you say, it's important to take the time to recover properly. You'll be back up to speed soon, I'm sure :)

Yes, I can feel my thighs this morning :D I staggered back to the house looking like a horrible sweaty mess, beetroot in the face as you say, hoping my new neighbours wouldn't spot me! We will be back in the groove soon - we can do this!


Welcome back both Annie and deekay, its frustrating when you lose some of your fitness, I've been there and done the recovering a few times. Take it slow and steady and you will get there. Good luck, nice to have you back again. :)


Thanks, oldgirl, it's great to be back! I'm sure deekay and I will be back up to speed again soon :)


Welcome Back. I'm sure you will soon be back where you left off - I'm not sure I've moved on too much while you've been away - 3 steps forward and 2 back.


Thanks! It's going to be a slow-ish process, I think. Regarding the 3 steps forward and 2 back, this is how I have found the whole c25k journey! I do very well - and then I get bronchitis. I pick it up again - and there's snow on the ground for a month. I get back out there - and something else comes along.

I hope you're enjoying your running and that you're currently in a forward step :)


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