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Resumed running after 2 week break due to shin splints

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I had got to week 7 run 3, and was keen to carry on, but a nagging pain in my calf was worrying me. I spoke to my osteopath and she thought I should stop for a bit until it calmed down, and diagnosed it as shin splints, due to doing too much too quickly for my body. I'm 62 and have never run before so am thrilled to get this far. Having done some research online, I decided to get some new trainers. I went to a local running shop and the very helpful owner gave me some advice and did a gait analysis. Basically my old trainers were worn out, although he still thought neutral trainers would suit me best, as I didn't have a particularly odd running style. He thought it would be OK to still run, but perhaps have longer breaks between runs ( 2 days instead of 1), perhaps run a bit less, and ice the painful area up to 3 times a day, also do stretching exercises. So I bought the new trainers and socks for extra padding, also some waterproof socks (!) which I thought would come in useful as I hate having wet feet.

This morning I decided to try running again, but I decided to go back to Week 5 run 1. It went really well, the pain is not any worse, and I did it a lot easier than the first time round. I'm really pleased, as I'm enjoying the programme and love running in the early morning when it's sunny - a great start to the day! My ambition is to get to a park run, once I've finished the Couch to 5k programme.

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Good call I think... the two weeks won’t have lost you any fitness, but the shin splints mean its best to take it gently. You’ll do that parkrun, and from my understanding “neutral” is odd, when they decided what was normal, it was then discovered that only 10% of us run that way. New shoes should help, enjoy running many miles in them and having to get a new pair.

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jillyr in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you for the encouragement! Will research more about ‘neutral’!

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to jillyr

The thing is nobody actually knows how we should run... shoes are built to suit however we do run, and next time you go it may have changed.

Good news that you're back on the programme, well done!

I've suffered with shin splints as well and you're doing all the right things.

Something else which helps me a lot is to stretch immediately after I've finished my warm down walk. Just do all the major muscles and it'll help your shins too.

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jillyr in reply to vespamoo

Thanks I’ll try that. Appreciate your support!

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