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No running... And some running

I must confess I haven't run since the 5x50 challenge finished. As usual whenever I succeed at anything I just give up or lose interest. I love running. Everything about it, being outdoors, having some me time... And most importantly I love The actual feeling of running. I gave myself the first two days after the challenge as days off to rest with the intention of getting straight back out there and trying for a 10 k. But then I just really couldn't be bothered. Then this week I had a sore stomach. So never went out again. But today I forced myself and even though my stomach was still a bit niggly I thought just go for it. I took my dog with me, something I rarely do

1 because he's a spaniel and well if you ever had a spaniel you know what they are like. :-)

2 he's 10 year old and I'm a worrier..... I tell myself that he's too old to run, which is complete nonsense because he can run circles around me, we walk 10 k playing catch with his ball and he still wants to play ball when we get home.

Anyway, we ran the driveway at my house, my fave place as no one to bother me and it's shaded by the trees. Warm up walk then set the timer on my up band and off we went. My dog was totally loving it with a wild look in his eyes bounding every direction tail going a million miles an hour, then he settled into a jog by my side, I can't tell you how proud I was of my wee boy running along side me, like a good dog, (he's never good, like I said he's a spaniel he's trouble with a capital T ) :-) so we ran together, me welled up with pride, him smiling up at me every 10 seconds. It was so lovely. Then my other half came out to watch and my new running partner dessereted me. Damn it !

Then I got a pain in the back of my right leg so decided to stop, just in case, it had only been 1.6 km of actual running but I'm so glad I got out there again and we ran it in 8 minutes exactly which is pretty fast for me, probably why I was hurting. And the plus side my stomach niggles are gone, just like that. I'm guessing it was probably just lack of exercise that caused them in the first place, I've put back on a couple of pounds in the last 2 weeks. So just a bit of bloat. The pain in the back of my leg has eased off now so that's good. Even though it wasn't a great run, it's made me want to get back out again. So I'm signing up for a 10 k and I've found a training plan in a magazine. And going to darn well do it. :-)

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good on you...thats the spirit...and good luck, enjoy the training :)


Thanks. It's a training plan for a half marathon. But I figured if I do that plan then the 10k should be no sweat. But I'm too scared too actually do a half, fears of sweeper buses coming to get me terrify me too much. :-)


I find cocktail sausages kept warm in foil or a sachet of cat food (to be pushed up a bit like a lolly) are remarkably good at producing 'good' spaniels.


Lol ! I like your thinking tho Probably safer with the cat food idea. The first idea may lead to 'nibbling' runners syndrome.


I think quite a few of us are motivated by a goal which is one of the reasons why the c25k works so well.. but once we have reached that goal it's easy to become, glad to hear you have managed to stop he 'decline'. Good for you!


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