Diagnosis required from our forum experts please!

Out running this morning as is my want of a Thursday. Around the 6-7k mark my left foot started to go numb. Around the 8 mark, it has spread to my ankle and achilles. This has never happened before. The run was pretty standard fare on a route I have done many times. The pace was pretty much average for me.

Any ideas what may have caused this? It passed fairly quickly during my warm down walk

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  • No expert but it could well be your laces were too tight... sounds daft I know but your feet swell up quite a bit on the run...

    I'm sure some people who've experienced this will be along shortly... please take a seat... :)

  • Now that I think on it Aussie, I did tie the left foot slightly tighter than normal. Could it be so simple?

    I sahll look out for that on Saturday

  • I was going to say that too. Aussie mentioned this on a post before, and I was getting numb toes. So I took his advice, and all better now.

  • Entirely possible... it's also possible your shoes are too tight full stop but that would mean it would have happened before... Quite a few ways to tie laces it seems... perhaps parallel lacing is for you? And slightly looser.. :)

    Link - runnersworld.com/running-ti...

  • Yep, I was going to suggest the same as Aussie. Easily done and hopefully the cause. Next run make sure you don't tie it so tight and see how you get on.

  • I was going to suggest a shoe issue too. I've had this twice now, both with each pair of new shoes I've had, where I'm getting used to the laces and over-tied them. Amazing how something so simple can have such an effect!

  • Much obliged folks. I shall report back tomorrow.

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