Parkrun No 2!

Well I got up with a bad stomach. Not a good start really. I had my breakfast but was so nervous it didn't stay down long! I walked around for around 3K as a warm up and went to do the run. The wind was awful! I got to the 1K mark in 6:50 which was better than last week. I got to the 4K mark at 30:12. Over a minute better than last week. The last section was on the Promenade and the wind was really hard. I couldn't breathe properly. In the last 3/4 of a K I lost a lot of time. My Husband came and tried a little run with me (he badly broke hs leg and has pins and rods holding both bones together so has Arthritis) and my friend who got a new PB came back to run with me. my time was 39:20. I'm still crying with disappointment. Thought I would have at least been the same as last week.

I really need some confidence in myself. I'm definitely on a low this week.



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  • Aww don't be disappointed with yourself, we all have what seem like bad runs but you got out and ran and that is what counts. Imagine how disappointed you'd be if you stayed on the couch. I'd be delighted with anything below 40 for a 5k, I graduated a couple of weeks ago and am still chasing 5k. Big hugs, hope you regain your confidence with your next run.

  • I walked around for hours after. I think it was all a bit much and I was exhausted. I'm feeling much better now. I think I do need someone to run with me. but that's not going to happen anytime soon so will plod on and do my best. Thanks!

  • This is just a blip. You already know that sometimes a run doesn't go according to plan - you still completed it though and less than 40 minutes for a 5K doesn't sound too bad. You weren't feeling too good when you went out in the first place so you are to be congratulated for doing it at all. The wind wouldn't have helped and would just have made things far more difficult. I am sure that the next Parkrun will produce quite different results and you will be crying for a very different reason - JOY. Chalk this one up to experience, something learned and have a nice day or so's rest. Then get out there and do a really enjoyable run to make up for it. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Your right. I had an awful run in the week too and today none of my ducks were anywhere near being in a row. I wasn't sure I should have been running as I felt like I had no energy. I'm gonna rest up and go out on Tuesday. Thanks!

    S X

  • You have done really well! The wind was bad this morning, my Parkrun started with it blowing in my face and rain, it was hard going. Don't you worry about that time, just think how you were at the start of the programme and how far you have come! You did the 5k, you went and did it, you have started Parkruns, what an achievement. Be proud! x

  • I had a dry run and I'm complaining! Sorry about being miserable I think a lot of it was me being so exhausted. Funny thing is I'm quick enough to tell other people that they should do their best and keep trying even if things don't go well. I have written this today to one of the other people on the forum. I just need to take my own advise really! Thank you

    S X

  • You have done brilliantly! Even though you felt rough you still went out. Good for you!

    Second parkruns are a bit of an odd event - a bit like the second run on C25K runs when you were repeating the same run 3 times. Truth of the matter is, you probably tried too hard. The first time around, it was all new and you had nothing to aim at. This time around, you were chasing that time all the way (especially if you were checking your time as you went around). Next time out, leave the watch behind. Just enjoy the run. Concentrate on taking short strides and focus on your breathing. Let the time be what it may, then when you get close to the end, pick one person not too far ahead of you and try to beat them! Some runs just don't go right and some courses just don't suit you (my 12th run was some 30sec slower than my first; I did my 22nd run today - and I've knocked almost 71/2 minutes off that first run time. It feels great, but if I'm honest, the fact that I have got out there and completed the course each week gives me more satisfaction than the time. Parkrun is a great community with which to be involved.

  • 22nd... That's brilliant!There is a lovely 75 year old man who does the 5K and his identical twin brother marshals 1K and 4K. He gives everyone the times as they pass. He makes me smile as he tells me (red faced and puffing like a dragon) how well I'm doing! I really did think I got over the line in the 38's though but I did it! your right that's the important bit! Thanks!

    S X

  • My Parkrun today was about 10 seconds slower than last week, and over a minute slower than your time today - and I didn't have any wind battling me! You are obviously doing a lot better than I am :)

  • I tend to push myself to the point where I can barely breath. My friend came to run with me said she thought I was going to have a heart attack as I was gasping for breath and really red in the face! I know part of that was the force of the wind but I think I need to run a bit more carefully and take more notice of my breathing. We will get better at this. Thanks!

    S X

  • Dont be sad, you still did really well, i think if i felt sick and had thrown up i would just have given up, but you gotout there and completed that 5 k!

    my friend texted me at 6.30am as it was chucking down with rain,but we decided still to give it a go, especailly as ours isnt on next week. im glad i went, it was very squelchy underfoot and trainers were soaked quickly, but i got round. stuck withmy friend allbut the last section, so we did walk at times. as i never walked before on a parkrun i thought i might feel disappointed in myself, but withthe conditions as they were i was only2.5 mins slower than my pb. our next one in 2 weeks is fancydresswestern for their 3rd anniversary so that should be fun!

    its all a learning experience and i forone think you did really well. :) and well done to your husband too, hope hes ok. x

  • I suffered with my sinuses for years and every time I did something strenuous I usually ended up being sick. My first time on C25K the first half of every workout I would be choking and sick! It sounds bad but I'm used to it! I have gone dairy free since November and the difference is amazing. I have the confidence to go to gym classes without the fear of being ill and running is much more comfortable! You did well to go out in the bad weather. At least it was dry for me. Thanks!

    S X

  • doesn't sound much fun, i'm glad the dairy free in working for you, my sister has sinus trouble so might mention that to her. the rain did clear up here but it was super sqelchy! hope you have a relxing evening! :)

  • My dental nurse told me bout it as I was having root canal and it was terrible with not being able to breath and the choking feeling. She had the same problem and had tried the steroid treatments that I have taken (didn't help at all) she even had an operation. that didn't work either! Tell her to check this out...

    S X

  • thankyou i will !

  • All sorts of things affect your time, whether you are aware of them or not. So you didn't beat your time, but so what. You still ran 5k, and lapped the guy on the couch. Picture where you were a year ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago, whatever, would you have expected you to be running 5k in this time and be disappointed? I'm guessing probably not? It is an achievement that you got out there and did it. I have done 5 parkruns now, and had a couple that weren't as good as I was hoping - my naive self I think wanted new PBs every week, but that's not how life works. Just keep at it, enjoy it, and when you get a PB pat yourself on the back, but don't worry too much about not getting one. Someone told me yesterday they just sneak up on you when you're not expecting it. Chin up, you've got plenty more PBs ahead of you! :)

  • Thanks I really appreciate it. Yes I think I'm a bit like you as I think my time should get better every week. I'll keep going and I've just bought the book 'running like a girl' I've herd it inspiring. I could do with a boost!

    S X

  • You'll get better, don't overthink it, you'll be fine! The book sounds interesting, I might try it...

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