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I graduated last month but haven’t managed to complete a run since ☹️ I finished c25k at just around the 4K mark so I knew I still needed to build speed, and this has been my aim. I hate the stepping stones, the pace is too fast for me and I’m exhausted before I’m even half way. I’ve tried just doing it on my own, but again I can’t get past the 15 minute mark...are there any other apps out there that help slowly build speed, I need help to get through this, I’m at a loss 😕

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Just get out and run 🙂 you don’t need a plan as such You can safely increase distance by 10 % a week You get stronger first by using slow runs to build your running legs There’s no hurry or pressure 🙂. Take some music and have fun


I graduated two weeks ago and it appears my natural distance is just over 4K for the 30 minutes but - so what!! I take Sarah along for company (insert coach of your choice) and just go. Sounds like you’re head isn’t in the right place. Start believing again and don’t add the pressure of progress. Consolidate first. You CAN do it. Just make the steps smaller. Good luck.


I don't know - I'm also just over 4km over 30 minutes & 2 weeks PD but decided to aim to do a park run anyway as an achievable goal. I'm also struggling bit with knowing what to do - so far I have carried on using the 30 minute podcasts and I have slowly been getting faster and also stretching time to 33 minutes and this week I am going for 36 minutes. Yesterday was my first run after park run on Saturday ( I posted about it if you're interested) I tried to do intervals yesterday and it nearly killed me :D staggered on anyway with a few breaks and managed 5K in just under 36 minutes so not really sure what to make of it. Think I'll do another slower 30 min tomorrow and have another crack at the park run on saturday.

Sorry that turned into a bit of a ramble, I'm going to tag this as I'm really interested in replies. Don't give up you've come such a long way!

Thanks, I read your parkrun post as well (well done you!!) I really want to do one...but the nerves are getting the better of me! I think if i had somebody to go with id definitely go, it’s just the doing it on my own!

Every run I do, I tell myself that distance doesn’t matter, I just need to get to the 30min mark...but the mind over matter lesson doesn’t seem to be reaching my legs!! I’m also wondering if it’s my breathing, I cant breath in through my you think that makes a difference?

Next run is Thursday morning...I think I’ll try to go slower, see if that makes a difference, I just worry that if I go much slower I’d be as well walking!! lol

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Hey - Jeff & I were having a ramble about these topics over the last week. I can highly recommend a park run, and you won’t be alone! They’ll be around 300 other people..... some will finish before (most will tbh) and some after. But you’ll never be last and never on your own. The sense of achievement just from having done one will do you no end of good.

I did my first one last Saturday and I finished 273 out of 307 - but I did it.

It’ll be a great way of learning and an experience you’ll want to repeat.

We’re now on holiday but I can’t wait to get back and do a park run 🏃‍♂️

Good luck, let us know what you do, and how you get on 👍👍👍


I'm not aiming to get faster. About 9 mins a km is comfortable now, a lot faster than when I started. I'm just slowly running for longer with 5k as a target distance. For the first few weeks after graduation I just consolidated 39 mins and got to about 3.4 km most runs. Have now run 4k 3 times in about 36 mins. Will slowly get to 5k but pace doesn't matter to me. I am a slow and steady snail!! 🐌🐌

Thanks, I think that’s the way I’m going to have go, I don’t feel like I’ve got any speed going, but I must be going too fast for body to keep up!

Your doing fine and should be proud of what you've achieved so far

I graduated June 4th and still I'm quite a slow runner. I'm bit quicker on say a 2k than a 4K as I've learned to either pace myself or struggle all way through the run and that wasn't making me enjoy my runs at all and what's the point in not enjoying the new found freedom of running 😊

Im ok with it as I've been told on the forum that we are building our running legs (some of us take longer than others) same as with everything we all are at different stages all the time.

Just enjoy your runs 🏃🏃‍♀️

Thanks...I don’t use this forum enough, the support is amazing and I’ve been struggling for weeks, it’s good to know not everyone graduates at 5k, I thought I was just being super slow...I had no intention of giving up, but I wasn’t enjoying so much, hopefully Thursdays run will go much better 😁


maybe just put on a 30 minute podcast again and just aim to get to the 30 minute mark and forget about speed. the park run was v nerve wracking but felt fine once I got started. maybe have a look at your local event page and see how many new runners there have been over the last few weeks (there is loads of info on the pages) and that might you give you some confidence to have a go?

btw I can't do the nose thing either - I've pretty bad hay fever so I am running while blowing my nose a lot of the time at the minute!

let us know how you get on tomorrow, good luck!

😁😁😁 I managed my full 30 mins this morning 😁😁😁 I slowed down and done 3.83k, I’m just so happy I got past that 15 min mark 😁 I went back to listening to week 9 along with my favourite murder definitely helped 😜 Thanks so much for the comments and support 👍🏻

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fantastic! I hope you've got your running mojo back. I did a 20 minute run with some sprint intervals in it (seemed a good idea at the time!). Made me realise how far I've come as back in week 5 the idea of running for 20 minutes petrified me but today it seemed quite short.

p.s. just read back about the murder podcast - whatever works for you!!

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