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First run after two weeks off tonight hoping it's not going to be as bad as I'm expecting... thoughts?

After being on holiday I'm determined to get back into my running. I managed to run for 50 mins just before I went. Do I need to build myself up again after the break/over indulging while all inclusive? I've been back since Monday but putting off running so far. Determined to go tonight.

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I had a couple of weeks off after getting up to an hour (and got married, and ate TONS of lovely things on honeymoon - properly indulgent). Am back to half an hour and not pushing it this week, but my first run was a hideous 20 minutes. I improved much quicker than before though - don't panic too much. I'd just run until you're too tired to run anymore, then build up from that point, but I'm no expert.


I dont think you will have lost too much in the way of fitness. I was at much the same level when I went on holiday in early July for a fortnight.

I eased back in gently starting with a nice easy 30mins or so.

Take it easy and dont be too dispondent if you cant run quite as far as you could previously. Your body will soon remember its old level.

Good luck


You won't lose much fitness over two weeks but you might feel the "all inclusive" calorie burn on the run... :)

I'd just head out nice and slow, aim for 20-30 minutes and see how you get on.. if you get to 20 and feel okay then carry on.. if you feel a bit spent by then at least you did 20 minutes (or whatever time)... You'll notice some difference I'm sure but it'll be a lot less than you think it'll be... you'll remember that "one foot in front of the other" thing... :)


Just go out for an easy 20 minute run and if it turns into 30 then great! You'll soon be back to where you were. Don't expect miracles, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


I went back to Week 5 after a 2 week break. It felt hard at first, but I'm back into the swing now after a week back.


Sounds like a few of us in the same boat at the mo! I've missed a week but am going tonight. You've got to go. We will feel soooo much better!


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