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Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be ..... a runner!

Oh my goodness. It's week seven run two, and I (dramatic pause) was (ditto) running. Not plodding, but really tootling along. It was late again but I went a different route and it was just sublime, despite a sore knee before going out. The weather was lovely, the night sky was clear, I just had my running kit on and I felt like I deserved to be wearing it. I slowed a little in the middle part of the run but then got faster again. When I checked the actual running section of my total, my pace was 6.72 minutes/km which is awesome for me. That translates to 33.6min for a 5k if I could reproduce that speed over 5k. i just can't believe it.

Now I'm just praying that my knee is going to hold up. I will be devastated if it fails me now. I knew I had the weakness before I started, but this is the first time I've had a day where it was hurting a bit through the day. I actually think that it's not entirely the running but the fact I've had to carry my daughter so much recently because she's been unwell and clingy, as the right side of my neck is also playing up from an old injury.

(Oh, and for any non-Brits out there, the title is a reference to a TV talent show and its host, where contestants imitate famous singers. Hope that helps.)

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Well done Tati :-) . Hope the knee holds out for you.

Love the title by the way - was flicking channels the other night and actually came across an old episode of Stars in their Eyes. I'd forgotten how cheesy it was but I used to love it!

Reading your blog was a bit spooky - we're both at exactly the same run, both had unwell, clingy daughters and you run at about the same speed that I do - we're secret running sisters :-D


We'll have to try and do a joint graduation. What part of London do you run in if you don't mind saying? I used to live there many moons ago. Hope your little one is better. Mine is but hasn't got over the clinginess.


Sorry for the delay - been out 2 nights in a row (no running either!)

I'm in east London, land of the fried chicken shop :-)

Glad to hear your daughters on the mend. My little one needs to get her strength back now. Once they start being naughty again, you know they're ok :-D


Well done, that's a good speed and it sounds like a lovely run. I also have a problem with my knee but so far (touching wood) it hasn't given me any problems. That is another reason I am running round our woods because the ground is softer on my knees that the road or pavement. It does lead to another problem though because I have fallen flat on my face a couple of times after catching my foot in brambles! With a bit of luck you'll be building up the muscles around the knee which will help.


Well done, its lovely to read the blogs of a really enjoyable run, long may it continue x


It's lovely to hear about an enjoyable run! I hope your knee holds up okay - maybe rest it for an extra day or two? I hope your daughter is recovering and you can get back out there for more great runs :)


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