Runner's knee?

At 63 I was determined to get back to running. I had completed C25k several years ago and decided to try it again. I bought good running shoes and am running on a one mile hard dirt track. I was doing fine until week 7. All of a sudden my right knee feels unstable and painful. I presume it's runner's knee and that I have to start doing some exercise to strengthen my hips and knees. Do I wait until my knee feels better before exercising? When should I try running again. I'm determined not to give up but this is a hard setback


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  • I think that perhaps this does call for a visit to the Doctor. Perhaps you have been going at it all too hard ( I think not an uncommon thing to do by past C25K graduates returning to the fold :) ) and just a bit of rest will cure all. BUT -- better to be safe than sorry!!

  • Thanks Bazza. I have never posted and appreciate the reply. I will consider a visit to the doctor although taking a few days off from running has helped. I will admit to not doing any stretching or strengthening exercises along with c25k so I will begin to make that effort.

  • I agree with Bazza - I'd stop off at the doc's place before continuing. Well done for getting back to running, and welcome back!

  • I decided to take a week out to allow my knee to problem to settle although this was frustrating. Now I do run with a velcro type knee support and I find this helps. It seems of offer just the right level of support and gives me more confidence. I imagine that I can eventually do without it.

  • Thanks Robert. I will try the stretching and strengthening exercises first. I have so many friends who anticipate knee replacement....the knee pain I was having was frightening. But since it has subsided I don't think this is more than laziness on my part regarding the necessary prep for running

  • Hi I,am 76 redid c2k5 again this year after a shoulder op. Had a problem with my right knee , had it checked at docs he said just walk for a while which I did, then bought a knee support from Boots and it helps quite a lot. Ps you can also get them in the pound shop ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผ

  • Thanks Pat. I am in the U.S. so I will see what is available over here. May try the Runners Store nearby. Good to hear your accomplishment.

  • Definitely see a doctor as it could be a few different causes. If it is your ITB cuisine the knee pain, you may need insoles so a good diagnosis is necessary. Good luck.

  • If you go to your GP she/he can make a referral to a physio if necessary. However, when I have been to my GP with running complaints she has been useless and offered no help, despite a neighbour physiotherapist telling me I should have physio.

    Consequently I have paid for physio and a sports massage which help keep me ticking over. So I think it depends on your GP.

  • Thanks jaynekate, I am thankful that after four days of rest my knee is improved. I appreciate your thoughts and may try some stretching/strengthening exercise before the GP but will definitely see a doctor if necessary

  • If it's just a twinge then I would try a knee support. I've just ordered a new one which comes in multicolours and is supposed not to ride up or pinch, which is a problem with some knee supports when running. I agree with other posters here and am rather wary of doctors for us sixty plus runners. The attitude tends to be 'well what do you expect?' But you may be lucky! Physios are the way to go I think but you may need a referral.

  • I don't think my MD knows what to do with me -- but he does like the look of my blood test results - HR number, blood pressure - all good -- but Cholesterol refuses to come down even though I have lost 10 Kg over the past 2 years. I refuse to take his statins - and told him that if I had started taking cholesterol medication when they first discovered my VERY high cholesterol numbers , I would now have been taking statins for 30 years. When he comments that it would reduce one risk factor - I ask him if he drives a car to his surgery???? :) Friends tell me that I might have a heart attack one day while running - I tell them that that is my plan!! We all have to die of something!!!

  • I can think of worse ways to go! I have pretty high cholesterol too but I comfort myself with the knowledge that a lot of it is 'good' cholesterol. I totally refuse to forgo butter and eat man-made Flora

    -type substitutes. My life wouldn't be worth living if I gave up dairy!

  • I agree Bazza, docs are always pushing statins at me even if I go for a sore throat!!!

  • oh dear Bazza what a scary thought!!!! lol

    But i suppose you would go out in a blaze of glory rather than sat on the couch like a potato!!!!! lol

  • Yes - and I always tell my wife where I will be running - so she knows where to pick up the body!! :)

  • Hello Jersey - I agree with the others: check with a prof. consultant; you might try swimming in the meanwhile - if you are resting. Swimming is the perfect exercise!

    Good luck to you and bravo for continuing your programme.

  • Unfortunately I'm not a swimmer but I will take the necessary time off to rest. Will stretch and strengthen along with running in the future. Thanks for the input

  • I told my doctor about the mild acheing at the top of my leg (groin) when I run, she looked at me blankly and said if it gets worse let me know.

    I'm on a dual medication tablet, lower dose statin and ezetimibe, as was getting muscle ache in chest, I wonder if the statin is still causing the leg ache, but will carry on taking the statin as keeping the cholesterol level down,and if I drop dead on the road the wife won't pick me up!๐Ÿ˜‚

  • I also get knee pain on and off. I'm starting week 6 so I need to be disciplined and take precautions.The suggestions here are very useful.

    I'm in Mexico City but I can't find a member here - the nearest are USA, Santiago de Chile and Cali.

  • I was a bit cavalier regarding exercise along with running. Good luck to you.

  • Thank you to those who recommended seeing a doctor regarding my knee. I have a problem with my knee cap staying in the 'groove'. Also some bone spurs and early arthritis. I have been going to physical therapy for several weeks and am feeling much better about running again. Hoping to get back to running in the fall.

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