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Going to cheer myself up after a bad run by buying new trainers

Went for Week 2 Run 3 last night, the rest of week 2 has been quite nice and I’m already feeling the benefit of C25K, the other day I had to run for a tram and I ran (actually ran! Which is a big deal for me I usually wait for the next) and I caught it and wasn’t too out of breath, and was so excited.

On week 2 run 3 I really struggled I was tired straight away and was forever looking at my ipod to see how long I had to run couldn’t wait until it was over. I struggled with the tips Laura gave me with running so your heels hit to floor 1st it felt a bit unnatural and the breathing for 4 steps was near enough impossible I can’t breathe that slowly or deeply especially when running. It worries me slightly that if I struggle to breathe while running for 90sec how will I be able to run constantly for 30mins? Although it was a bad run it was not nearly as bad as the awful w1r1, which is progress really.

The only issue is that a bad run 3 had made me nervous for week 3. I’ll carry on though, today is my rest day might get chance to go out Saturday (hopefully).

On a more positive note I’m planning on going into town this afternoon to buy some new running shoes/trainers as the old falling to bits reeboks I’ve had since I was about 16 (I’m 23 now) are maybe getting a bit old but now I know I’m onto week 3 it’s not going to be a waste of money as I feel I’m a bit too far along to quit.

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There was a lot of discussion a couple of weeks ago about hitting the ground with your heel first and someone posted this link which really helped me:

I just let my feet do what they want to now, and if my lower legs start aching I make sure my body is ahead of my legs like it says in step 2 I think and that helps. Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure you'll manage fine, just take it nice and slow at the beginning.


I did my Wk2 R3 this morning and found it really hard going.. so when the last run finished i was outside my house and went in, couldn't face a 5 min walk after the poor show of the running.

Like you i am no doubting if i can do Wk 3!! good luck with yours


A few of us have commented that we found Laura's advice re breathing difficult to follow. What I do is to *try* to control my breathing to the extent of making sure I breath in through my nose and out through my mouth (I tend to be a mouth breather when I exercise) and to do 'belly breathing'.,...

If it's too difficult to manage either of the above when running, simply concentrate on breathing regularly and practice the good breathing during the warm-up and warm-down walks.


That link to the Runner's World article didn't work! Try this:


I struggled with my breathing a lot as well!! I never could do 4 whole steps (and still cant'!), but I did find the tip about breathing deeply (in your belly) really quite useful as it stopped me from getting the stitch and hyperventilating after a hill! To regain my breath I would also slow down a bit until I felt more comfortable and my breathing became (somewhat) easier.

Don't worry too much - as you get fitter your body will adapt and you will be able to breathe easier. Just this week (3 weeks after graduating) I have finally noticed that my breathing FINALLY takes care of itself whilst running 30min. But I still have trouble when pushing myself to go faster - I guess your body has to adapt to each new level of fitness in the same way!!

Don't give up! Your breathing will sort itself out and your body will adapt to your new level or fitness :) You can definitely do it!


I just finished week3 and am amazed I did it! i have struggled each week on the run segments but I keep telling myself I can do it. Like you, I was scared to start week 3 but I did it. Now I'm scared to start week 4! I try to concentrate on my breathing but 30 seconds into it I'm huffing and puffing! Just think how far you have came so far and keep looking forward. Have fun shoe shopping!


Thanks guys for the tips and encouragement those links to articles were really helpful, I'll try to not worry too much about my feet but concentrate on my deep breathing :-)


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