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W5R1 completed

W5R1 completed and it actually went really well, my breathing seemed better but I had a slight twinge in my left knee that I hadn't felt before so something to watch out for maybe?

I used map my run for the first time and I covered 4.06km in the 35 minutes I was out (including the walking) so I'm very chuffed with that.

Still feel like I'm really slow but I'm comfortable with the pace. Really never believed I could do the three minutes let alone the five minute and now I'm about to embark on eight minutes!? Scary thought.

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Well done , remember that you're out pacing everyone on the couch still !

Trust the programme and try not to worry about the time - you can do it because you have been doing it :)


Well done, that's a really respectable distance to cover and don't worry about the eight minutes when it comes you will be able to do it. Do watch knees, if they go wonky they can put you out for ages. Trouble is knowing when a twinge is just unaccustomed exercise and when it is injury, just be cautious and make sure you get the full rest days in every time.


Well done on that week 5 run. Make sure you are looking after the muscles that support your knees; no skimping on the calf and hamstring stretches when you get back. As the runs increase in length, all sorts of niggles can rear their heads.

Best of luck! :)


Well done, it starts to get exciting now! Slow is good, that's a fair distance for the time.


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