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speed x2

I decided to mix up some of my running to make it more interesting. Monday very proud of running 11.23km with sisters black Labrador murphy at a slow pace.

Today I decided to do speed podcast which I tried last week. But this time I repeated the podcast twice in a row during my run. It worked and I really enjoyed doing it all over again. I felt the speed jog x 6 wasn't enough so doubling it up made it more interesting. The Labrador enjoyed it too he seemed to keep up with the fast one minute speed.

Oh Friday now what to do ...... maybe the stamina podcast is calling, not sure.....yet.

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I double up the stamina and the speed podcasts too. I lurve the music. Pat on the back for Murphy.


Doing the speed podcast once is plenty for me!

Enjoy stamina. I only do that one once too!


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