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Week 8 run 2 - phew

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Wow, that was hard... at ten minutes to go I actually considered giving up and walking - just for a split second - but I gave myself a mental slap, thought of you lot, slowed down a bit and ploughed on, three minutes later and everything was fine again!

I must have started out too fast as I definitely plodded along for those three minutes yet managed to cover 4.3km in the 28 minutes.

On the bright side though, I didn't give in, despite wooden legs and leaden trainers I carried on and I ran through the tough patch, I have an aching jaw from gritting my teeth but I did it. Hooray for me :)

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You're an actual legend, fact :-) I definitely have a better time of it, in terms of wooden legs, if I've had wholegrain rice the night before. Good carb fuel I guess...

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Rolyat_AdnamaGraduate in reply to AliJelliBelli

I think mystery is solved - an hour after the run my period arrived a whole week early, that's never happened before!

Good tip with the carbs though, I love wholegrain rice :)

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AliJelliBelliGraduate in reply to Rolyat_Adnama

Ahhhh, what a lovely surprise for you! Hahaha :-)

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Hi there,

Congratulations ! I have done my week 8 number 2 run this morning also.

Week 7 was the killer for me and I have found this week slightly easier(only slightly) :)

I am so excited though to be running like this and just think next week or a few days after we will have finished the program !

Good luck with the rest of the program--not long now.

Well done for completing the run, grit and determination ! 4.3k in 28 mins as well, you were going quite fast. Nothing to be downhearted about at all.

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Wow yes you are doing well!! Not long now nearly there keep up the good work ☺

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Great Job I am at the same place week wk8r3 on Saturday for me. I have deliberately checked my pace just so that I know there's enough left in the tank for the whole time and then if I can I try to increase the pace in the last minute. Keep going, you can do it!

Amazing, I'm only on W2R3 you sound superhuman to me. Hope I can get there from here. Well done!

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Rolyat_AdnamaGraduate in reply to LordBarrington

If I can, anyone can! I can't believe it's only 6 weeks since I was looking at the Wk2 R3 and wondering if I'd be able to do it... trust in Laura and you'll be fine :)

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Well done! You need true grit to be a C25Ker!

well done i had a similar experience on monday doing week 8 r 1 i think i too set off too quick mainly as i had gone out to cool down after getting very cross about something but i think i was too fired up to run slowly and then struggled by the end...i kept going too and at the end of the day thats what matters, well done you!

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Great stuff Roly !

Graduation week is nigh !

All the very best to you, you can do it ! :-) xxx

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