Walk of shame W7R1

No, it's not the walk of shame we initially think of!!

I set out this morning for the start of my week 7 run. It was cold this morning so I did a couple of things around the house before heading out around 9.30 am in the hope it was warmer (my phone said it was!) as I hate that cold feeling when you first start.

I felt ok but not brilliant for my warm up walk but carried on and then started my 25 minute run. Rather than go around the large sports park I opted to go part way round our local airport which is also a cycle route. The aim is to manage to get all the way around eventually but it is a 7km circuit so that is way in the future for now. I was 12 minutes in and hadn't heard Laura say half way or anything when a gremlin told me that I was out of breath and thirsty. Sadly I listened to the gremlin and stopped to have a drink and a breather. I was so annoyed with myself that once I caught my breath (recovery is most definitely quicker these days) I set off again but only lasted 90 seconds or so before I stopped again. I decided to walk the rest of the way and thus I did the walk of shame by listening to Bastille on my playlist to cheer me up.

In some lyrics taken from Bastille's track Pompeii "How am I gonna be an optimist about this?" I have taken away that 1) I ran for 12 minutes solid which is something I couldn't do 6 weeks ago 2) it was a lovely day for a nice walk (!) 3) I loved listening to Bastille on my morning's walk and 4) I think I shall go back to week 6 for the interval training again before tackling week 7. I believe it will boost my confidence as well as increasing my fitness before the continual runs. Hopefully by repeating week 6 I will then be able to get through the continual runs.

Onwards and repeat before we go upwards!


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  • Good practice run for w7r1! I hit a wall of gremlins at week 8 and went back to 5 to regain confidence and bounced back all the way through to graduation. Those gremlins are persistent little blighters so show them whose boss by doing 1 or 2 of week 6 runs and then continue all the way through to the end of the programme.

    Good luck.

  • I Love the positive things you took from todays experience, you are an inspiration!!!! Great idea to boost your confidence with week 6 runs. So many Graduates on here say to go slow and that it's fine to repeat weeks, so it sounds as you're doing exactly the right thing. Bravo!!!

  • You'll do it no worries. Your walk break is fine. If you run out of puff just stop til your breathing returns to normal and then run on. No problem with that at all. It means you get to finish the session which is what it's all about

    I do my warm up in the house, so I get good and toasty before opening the door for my warm up walk. You might need a longer warm up walk, some of us do. Whatever it takes is fine

    Have fun and keep smiling. You'll crack it!

  • Thanks misswobble. Can I ask what your warm up routine is as I favour the warm up in the house?!

  • A practice run today, that's all. The programme is there to support you, so use it as you wish. No harm in repeating if you wish, but you have run the 25 mins once so no reason why you won't next time.

    Good luck

  • I do a warm up in my hall. I do it all year round, not just when it's cold outside, as I am really slow at warming up. Must be me age!

    I do the same routine (ish) I count to 30 for each movement and do the whole routine twice. The idea is that I am really warm before opening the door, hot in fact! I do walking on the spot, arm swings, jump rope (no rope, you just do the skipping action (like a boxer does), hip swings, skiers and then jumping jacks. The second time round I do it a bit harder and my walking on the spot with higher knees. You can do whatever exercises you like. I got mine from a Jillian Michaels exercise DVD

    Have fun!

  • Thanks for that misswobble ;)

  • Slow, steady and taking it at your pace. Not a walk of shame at all...:)

    You did so well and made this a positive experience. The gremlins are pests.. and they never stop trying.. but, you foxed that little blighter, by having a super walk! And you enjoyed it.. so. repeat the bit you want to and head on.

    As you go next time, if the pesky gremlins start anything... squish them with every slow, confident step :)

  • Rule number 1: a bad run is better than no run. Rule number 2: always be positive. Rule number three: if at first you don't succeed, fix your poney-tail and try again. You've ticked all three boxes, you rock! Oh, yes.. rule number four for next time: tie pot-bellied, balding, Y-front wearing gremlins on a chair in the corner of your mind and stuff a tv remote firmly in their gobs.

  • Well done! No, don't listen to the gremlin, keep ignoring them and it gets better, keep on pushing on. That 7k around the airport will be a good run route for you as you graduate and carry on with your running, mind you don't take off though!๐Ÿ˜

  • Hello! I'm new to the boards - only just found them after following the program for 6 weeks... I wish I'd found them sooner!

    I also just completed W7 R1. I found it my hardest run to date. I think I started too quickly, then got out of puff and got a bit disheartened so had a short walking break in the middle. I figure I've just got to keep on going and will have another go on Wednesday.

  • Thanks amyg1985. I didn't do great at the end of week 6 but thought it was a blip. I've now gone back to week 6 run 2 and successfully completed it again this morning so I'm hoping it will boost my confidence for run 3. I'might looking at doing an entirely new route next time so that I don't have any points where I think gremlins will be hiding!

    Am sorry you've found it difficult also. We'll both get through it!

  • Yes - I think the important thing is just not giving up! Doing something is always better than doing nothing. I must enjoy it to some extent - I get grumpy when it's raining and I can't run!

    Good luck with your next run - dodge those gremlins!

  • I take little breathers all the time, I usually have an excuse like, oh gosh just look at that! Must take a pic! It's ok, as MW says if you need a break take one, then you'll finish your session.

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