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I completed the C25K without much to report. I enjoyed it, mostly! I repeated a week to venture outside which worked really well.

Since then I have been trying to increase my distance as the OH and I are entered in the Wirral 10km in October :/

I worked up to 6km nicely but then everything I seemed to do went wrong. Each and ever run had it's problems! For weeks I felt I was going backwards not even mangering 5 km never mind 6 or 7! So back back to the gym and decided to work on increasing my running time and not worry about distance covered.

I worked up to 54 minutes, very slow but very steady.

Then came this week. Sunday not a great run, so did intervals instead.

Tuesday feeling great, set the treadmill after warm up walk and off I went, felt comfortable for the first time in weeks. Going strong listening to my audio book not noticing the km tick by. Quick look, 4.5 km completed going well. Still feeling strong so pressing on, another chapter of book finished and another quick peck 5.5 km done. Treadmill stops! Just stops! Wasn't me pressing the emergency stop this time either. The message on it reading, "rebooting, please wait!" I had lost all my pace, momentum and felt very much deflated :( I couldn't get back into a stride and ended up walking.

Then came Thursday, the plan was see how far I could get. After warm up walk I set treadmill to slow and steady :) 7.1 km/h, new music turn on and off I went. The first 6 km were a constant 'I have done this before, I can do it'. Then up to the hour 'try for an hour, keep going'. Before I knew it I had completed a whole hour of running and still feel comfortable, I carried on! The next 3 km were a constant 'it's only another 20 minutes, you can run for 20 minutes!' I increased the treadmill to 7.3 then 7.5 thinking I could finish quicker! It worked! 10 km in 1:23:30! I couldn't believe my first ever, completely running 10km! Felt great! Still does!

I know it is not the best time but it is for me! I have less than 7 weeks to our race and I know I can complete it!

My legs are aware they have been running but not too bad so a days rest and m recovery run and hopefully this is the start of moving forward once agin.

Having read lots of posts on here I know I am not the only one struggling and that has helped a lot.

Thank you all for helping keeping me going without even knowing it!

Happy running :)

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Congratulations on your 10km! It's a great milestone to achieve, you will be ready for your race in October no doubt!

How annoying about the treadmill stopping in the middle of a perfectly good run.

Good luck with the rest of your training.


Fantastic and well done on reaching 10k :) It does feel good, doesn't it? Great achievement ;)


Huge Well done Net68, you might never have planned to have done so many pre 10k training runs if everything had gone smoothly!

10k is a long way to run never mind the fact you can now run for around 85 minutes - goes to show how fit you are!:)

I've picked up lots of good advice and support here and wondered if you have decided to follow a training plan - the Bupa and Asic plans seem popular. They're free and full of info as well as coming up with a personal running plan just for you:) once you've in putted your race date.

Hope you celebrated in some way - Enjoy your rest day today x


Wow well done! if I could run 10K I would be turning cartwheels :) Sounds like you are well on track for completing your race in October.


Well done - that is quite some achievement!


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