Race Report: Bayer Newbury 10km

Race Report: Bayer Newbury 10km

It was fantastic. An absolute blast, folks cheering us on as we went through the centre of Newbury, out into the countryside, and back near the Kennet and Avon canal. For most of the run, I was 50 metres ahead of a fully-costumed Batman. Perhaps that was why I always seemed to get a great cheer.

This was my first organised 10km run (having only done the Chieveley Chase 5.8mile run before). Made sure that I was up early for light breakfast of porridge, and plenty of water the evening before and on the morning. Arrived in Newbury 9.30am to collect my race number (I had only registered last weekend after Newbury Athletics Club appealed for more runners at parkrun). Race number collected and pinned on, Mrs MarkyD and I had a few minutes to wait near the start. Only needed the loo twice, and being a local I knew where the 'not too busy' toilets were to be found. Whilst warming up I met my friend Robin, where we had our photo taken with a man in a Nandos Chicken costume.

There were about 750 runners, with marked start pens for the various finish times. I made it to the 60 minute pen, but seemed to be at the back of it (60 minutes seems to be a popular target time for a 10km run). Anyway, the start was a bit slow, with plenty of running teams setting off 8 abreast. I only really got going at my pace when we got to the first short hill.

It was a great day for running - not too hot 14 degrees - with plenty of cloud cover. During the run there were a few drops of rain, but it did not come to much. So I got round the course in 58:37. It is OK if I am not very happy with that? I'd told everyone that I wanted to finish in sub 1 hour but I think that I should have been faster. Whilst running I was thinking 'you just have to finish the run' but I suppose that's my inexperience of running 10km. The more times I run 10km, I'll become more confident that I can really run 10km. So for my next 10km run I'm going to put a bit more effort in. I know that I had it in me, as I crossed the line with a 4 minute/km pace down the final straight :-) Photo of me is at 7km in the centre of Newbury, before doing a big loop out of town and back to the finish. At this point, I am about 100 metres from the finish line and it seems really cruel to make us take the big loop.

'Official' 10km runs? I loved it, and will be signing up for my next run later tonight. Newbury Athletics Club host a 10km run at Highclere (the setting for Downton Abbey) so I'll definitely be doing that. It's not til September, so will want to find somewhere else to run before that.

Hope that everyone has had a great Bank Holiday running weekend (sorry those of you outside UK). Enjoy your running and try to keep off the Injury Couch.

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17 Replies

  • Great race report & well done. Great pic as well, you're looking very relaxed in it! ☺

  • Well done! You look great - strong and relaxed - not even red in the face!

  • Thanks Ully and Noaky. "Relaxed" = maybe not trying hard enough??? Nice smile but I was a bit sweaty (sorry, TMI)

  • You're making that look very easy MarkyD!

    Nice work indeed but, if you're not happy you're not happy - everyone has their own targets to aim for! Yes, it's okay to not be very happy!

    The first Bank Holiday in May that you lot get over there i was in the Newbury area too ... hunting for Highclere Castle no less ... we found it with the help of a very friendly publican (it was a busy Saturday morning and there was a big roundabout that was pretty unhelpful as far as signposts go, as i remember) only to find the gates all locked up and no visitors that day :-(

    Sadly disappointed were we but you can be our bright side :-) please please please post a picture of you by the house when you run your 10km there in September.

    With many thanks in advance :-)

  • I'll make sure I get a photograph of me running in front of the big house, straight out of Downton Abbey!

  • That'd be fantastic thank you :-)

  • looking good Marky and VERY co-ordinated with the tshirt and trainers! :) thats a great time, sounds like you had fun! :) love that race atmosphere, very inspiring! :)

  • Hi Aliboo - just you wait for a couple of weeks until I post a photo on my new trainers. They are ordered and will soon ship, and I guarantee that they are brighter than the yellow ones in the photo.

    The T-shirt is now my 'go-to' top for when I do events (it is easier to spot me in official photos :-) )

  • Great result MarkyD, the first 10k is just the start of things to come

  • Mrs MarkyD was asking if I'm going to do a HM... will doa few more 10ks before I decide.

  • Yay ! Great stuff Marky D !

    Lovely photo !

    You are looking as cool as a cucumber there , very comfortable .

    Well done , heres to many more ...

    Good innit ? :-) xxx

  • Yes, I'm loving it at the moment. Hope that you've got your sugar cravings under control now PP. Did you ever get the right photo from GMR?? I know that you are not purple-faced when you're running.

  • Ha ha yes ! No chocolates , biscuits, sweets , cakes , I have been eating very healthily this weekend. I will just give my halo a quick polish ! :-)

    Alas the purple Oompa Loompa was me . It has been verified and checked . Pah ! :-) xxx

  • Better watch out, you're in danger of splitting your face in half with that smile! Well done Marky!

  • To be honest, I was really pleased to see Mrs MarkyD with her camera, so the smile came naturally. Within 50 metres of this photo I was thinking 'why do we have to do this extra loop? I'm tired!!'

  • Well done MarkyD. You look amazingly comfortable in that pic considering that's at the 7Km mark.

    Great write up too. No bling?

  • Hi Dunder, there was a medal, but of the 'stock medal' variety rather than something special. I decided to post a photo of me, rather than the bling. Very selfish!

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