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First 10km race :)

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Where to start? Back in April? When the only think about me that could run was my nose? Back in June when I thought it would be a good idea to set a goal and entered my OH and myself in the Wirral 10km? Or three weeks ago when nervous got the better of me and thought I would never make it?

Ok this morning it is :) a breakfast of porridge, banana and black tea. To the park in time to see the baggage bus leave! What now! Up to that point it had been a perfect pre-race morning. OH kindly offers to take it back to the car. We still have 20 minutes before the race starts and he walks quicker than me. I start to stretch and warm up while waiting. OH returns and we find the back of the runners funnel, although OH was trying to a pacer and was unsuccessful :(. I began to feel unsettled and very nervous. Also because we were late and OH wasn't where he wanted to start I thought I that let him down.

We filtered to the start and OH was off. We had already discussed our plan of running separately.

I don't have any gadgets so can't give any stats.

The first 2km was very emotional. I passed a few who had began to walk, I offered a few words of encouragement as I passed and pulled myself together. I had trained along the route and knew were most of the km markers where. Between 3 and 4km seemed to take an age, began to think I had been right I was I couldn't do it if this km was anything to go by! Water station was coming up, water station? Thought that was 5km? Not passed 4km marker yet. Yes water station was 5km I had missed the 4km marker no wonder this km felt so long! It was 2!

My pace was going well, the weather seemed perfect and I settled into my race. Half done! May be, just may be I could actually do this! I had done 10km on a treadmill but not on the road. I had done 8km once, 7 a few times. Even passed a running with his medal, he had finished and making his way back to the start! I kept going, passing a few more who were running/walking. Again offering encouragement. I wasn't going to be last! 8 km marker passed! 9km marker passed! Not far now. Spectators were starting to line the route and cheering. I could see the end, can't believe I am actually going to finish, having ran the whole way!

Pass the finish line! Collect my bag of goodies, t-shirt and medal! Find OH :) because of baggage bus mishap enough cash between us for coffee or train back to start. Coffee always wins! So after buying coffee to go we start our long walk back to car!

Which actually went surprisingly well.

Still can't believe I finished! Official chip time posted on website 1:21:46! Fabulous :) OH 54:53 :)

HM next year .....may be :)

Happy running :)

9 Replies

congratulations, what a massive achievement the conditions sounded perfect for you, bask in your glory you deserve it.


Wahey Nett , good lass ! :-) Congratulations to you and your OH, sounds like you had a great time and that you've taken to it like a duck to water.

You have really inspired me , I started in April too. It just shows us what we are capable of .

Onwards Nett, FAB-U-LOUS post, reach for the stars :-) xxx


Whoop whoop, fantastic, well done! Sounds like a great race for both of you. You should feel very proud. Love the medal! x :-D


It just goes to show that we can all do way more than we limit ourselves to. Well done and many congratulations to you both.


excellent work Net68! well done to you and your hubby, i did my 1st 10k race a week ago so know just how you feel! :) and i think i would have gone for the coffee too, but well done on walking back after such a long run! CONGRATULATIONS! :)


Congratulations. At week 4, 5k seems a very long way away let alone 10k but who knows.


That sounds great. A wonderful achievement.


Wow, well done you! That is so wonderful to read. Amazing to do your first outdoor 10km at a race. You must be feeling (justifiably!) very proud. Congratulations!!


Thank you all for your support :)

Happy running :)


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