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I ran 10km this morning!

I started C25K on 27th May last year & this morning I ran 10km in 1 hour 19 minutes. Not the fastest time in the world but to me this is a massive achievement. Over the last year I've lost over 4 stone, swum about 100 km as well as running. Not bad going for a woman in her very late 40's. I had been happy enough running about 5km 3 times a week but as the weather started to improve I decided to challenge myself a bit more. I added 0.5km a week to my Saturday morning run & today I got to 10km. I would like to get a bit quicker so before I try & increase the distance again. Although I felt a bit tired at the end of it I think I could maybe have pushed a bit harder - that's my aim for next week.

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Fabulous achievement! Very, very well done. Be massively proud of yourself and make sure you do plenty of 'bragging' to your friends ;)


Great stuff Shazz! 10k is a blast and now you will find yourself doing it a lot! to speed up a bit you could try running fast intervals just over 3k. These take no time at all if you're pushed for time but wil help,you speed up if you're training for a 5k race etc. Just run 3k but do fast intervals during it. Let your breathing return to normal whilst keeping running Slowly befofe speeding off again. You end up getting better at it and it builds up your lungs.

Good fun too☺


Fantastic work! It's distance not time that counts in this game. 10k is a brilliant achievement. I think it is my favourite run in fact: Long enough to qualify as a proper 'long run' but not so far you have to take a week off to recover after.

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Sharon that is a wonderful achievement!!! And the time is very respectable. You must be feeling very proud- you should!!!! Well done, I bet you will smile all day! Don't forget to stretch.


Well done. I like the idea of just adding a bit to one of your runs every week and upping your distance gradually.

I think I will try that.

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Well done - it feels great doesn't it (I did it on Tuesday for the first time - and almost identical time!).

I guess we really are 'proper' runners now :)


Well done ! It's quite a long way isn't it ? and a really great achievement.


Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Adding a tiny bit to my long run has worked very well for me so far. It fits in well with my routine of working full time, swimming a couple of times a week etc. etc. I'm entered to run in my local 10km in September and by then I hope to have chopped a bit off of that time.


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