Greenwich Park 10km - 50:27

Hi all!

Today's 10km race was a warm up for my half marathon at the end of the month and it was a great experience. I got there nice and early, which wasn't a problem because it was a very nice morning.

I shared the map of the course on the C25K FB page and Amy Bird wished me well on the hills. I have to be honest and I didn't research the course so didn't even know there was one, but I thought "it can't be that bad".

I began to warm up 20 minutes before the race and the organisers announced that a choir would be signing to us for 10 minutes. That was well...different, but I guess it was a Sunday.

We then had a 10 minute warm up with two guys from military fitness. It was a very vigorous warm up and got me nice and ready for the 10km.

I had decided to try and run with 50 minutes and my plan was to try and build up a 30 second lead in the first 5km and then keep it.

As I was running the 2nd km there was a slight hill and I thought that this is easy, surely Amy didn't mean this? We turned a corner and then there was a long downhill and that it when it dawned on me that I would have to run up this in the 5th and 10th km!

By the time I got to the hill in the 5th km my Garmin was showing that I was 35 seconds ahead of 5km pace. By the time I got up the hill and finished the 5th km that because a 10 second deficit! The hill really drained the energy in my legs.

I took a bottle of water at the half way point and almost choked on it when I tried to drink it, I hope no-one saw me couching and spluttering! I worked out that the best way to drink it was to squeeze the bottle and sip a bit of water.

I managed to pick up my pace and and get ahead of my target pace again. When I got to the hill again I knew that there wasn't long to go so I pushed myself but near the top I was hardly lifting my knees and the legs were burning. As I was turning into the finishing straight one of the military guys was screaming at everyone to pick it up, I ignored him once but the second time he screamed at me I decided I should listen to the scary man! I sprinted the last 20 seconds and was surprised by my time of 50:27. If I can manage this on a tough course a sub 50 minute 10km should be on the cards on a flat track.

On the Garmin stats it shows the hill to be 34m from bottom to top. I have never run up a hill before and I hope they aren't all this big!

Anyway I've waffled on too long! Half-marathon in training next Sunday!

Here is a link to my run:


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33 Replies

  • Your just doing so great HM here you come.

  • Thanks!

  • Lovely post, Aftabs, and a great time, as we have come to expect of you. Come to Devon and try my 1.8k x 95m hill! (I know someone from Scotland is going to chip in with something far more impressive, now.....Malcy?)

  • Thanks! I think I'll have to give your hill a miss, I've had enough of them for a while! But it sounds like a challenge...

  • Aye, I've got to admit I chuckled at the thought of a 30m hill. :-). My 'training hill' route has a 100m ascent in 2 km and when I ran the Balmoral 10K there was a similar incline.

  • You are the master if the hills swanscot, this one was enough for me but the hills you tackle are from another world.

  • My "normal" run has about 85m of climb but I've walked up that hill at Greenwich and it's pretty steep and not one I'd want to tackle in the middle of a 10k.

  • excellent..well done Mr bionic man thats a very impressive time!!! You must be very happy? are going to find that HM a walk in the park!!!!

  • Thanks, I am very happy with the time. I think it was better that I didn't know about the hill in advance because that might have played on my mind!

  • Also your headband idea is great. I sweat bucketloads and kept getting it in my eyes. The sweatband stops 99% of it and the sweatband on my wrist is used to wipe away what's left. I took both off as soon as I finished and they were soaked through!

  • Aftabs you are brilliant, well done that's a VERY impressive time, hills as well!! Just a word of advice, practice drinking from a water bottle a bit more before your big run ;)

  • Thanks! On my longer runs I've used a belt with proper running bottles which I am now used to drinking from. I am planning on running the HM with the belt because I'll have my dates in it too. I wasn't planning on drinking water today because the run was less than an hour, but it was warm today and they were offering water straight after the hill and I was exhausted!

  • Great time there :-)

    At the Nottingham HM the drinks came in the forms of pouches, a little bit like capri sun, they had flaps at the top that formed a kind of straw (that wasn't explained or particularly obvious). Just in case you get something similar, the trick, as you found was to give it a quick squeeze, but the pouches weren't equal, 1st 1 was hard to drink from, the 2nd was too easy 3rd was just right (said goldilocks) :-> .

  • Thanks for the advice! I'll be using a belt as I noted to Oldgirl, but I'll keep an eye out for these pouches.

  • I went with the bottle in the belt, but kept it in reserve.

  • Well done aftabs - I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend X

  • Thanks! I can assure you that I am exhausted now too!

  • Well done on the 10K run, aftabs.

  • Thanks!

  • That is so impressive. I am in awe. Hills!!!

  • Thank you!

  • Good job, and after park run yesterday! You're a machine! :)

  • Thanks!

  • Tip top time Aftabs. Keep it up !

  • Thanks!

  • Hills arrr I hate them I live at the top of one ! Great time though well done and not long now till hm x

  • Thanks! I think a sub 2 hour HM is still on and that is my aim.

  • Fantastic! Good luck with the HM. I am considering doing one next year :D

  • Thanks! Sign up for the HM, once I signed up I stepped up my running to get ready for it!

  • Good job Aftabs..good luck to you for your training for the HM!

  • Thanks, I'll be going for a gentle 5 mile run this evening.

  • Well done Aftabs. Sounds like you are getting there. What a good time. Is your HM at Brentwood by any chance? I am running that race too and can't wait. My 10k was a few months back and was slower than you by a good 90 seconds (lots of hills though!). Either way best of luck.

  • Thanks! The HM is in Brentwood, I actually got the idea to sign up from one of your posts a few months ago, so thanks for that! I am hoping for a sub 2 hr time, which I think is on the cards.

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