In my head

My thoughts over a 25 minute run go:

1 to 3 minutes

"Oh yeah, this'll be easy.."

Around 5 minutes

"Can't do it, can't do it, can't do it, definitely wont be able to do it this time, I'll probably collapse in a ditch and they'll find me later"

Half way

"What!! ONLY HALF WAY??? "

5 minutes to go

"It's hurtin', but I'm rocking this"

60 seconds left go for it

"Way heyyyyyy, look at me go!"

Finished: "Yaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Me Superwoman. I knew I could do it all along!"

Anyone else have mad conversations in their head while running?


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23 Replies

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  • Ha ha! That was me, spot on, yesterday morning during Week 7 Run 1! I love this post. I sometimes find I'm having my conversations out loud...

  • Ha ha , Brilliant !

    I don't listen to the voices in my head anymore telling me I cant do it , I just sing over them :-D xxx

  • Well done! Always do your best to finish the job. Dig deep and then a bit more. It's surprised what you can find when you go looking for it.

    We knew you could do it of course. It was a given

    Bask in the afterglow all day while looking after your bod as you need it again after your rest day.

    Take it steady on your next run. A slow jog will suffice.

  • Oh yes.... and also having 'simply the best' on my Ipod at the end of a 30 minute run!!!

  • Oh yes, I'm always talking to myself and I don't care who hears!! Well done for over coming those negative thoughts- called gremlins, and they need kicking out the door or they'll stop you much quicker than tired legs or being out of puff!!

  • Love this. So funny.

  • I think I've had that exact same conversation myself many times !

  • He he. Add a peppering of expletives and that's me exactly, especially the half-way part.

  • I always talk to myself during my runs. They are getting better conversations but still go something like, Why are you doing this, you can just walk, no-one will know, you can just go home, just run to that tree and then walk for a bit, then I get to the 15 minute mark and they get better, you are nearly home, you can do it, you are great, everyone believes in you.

    I just need the second voice to start earlier in the run :) . Now I sound like I should be sectioned :( . I think that is what running does for you :)

  • I think the question should be, "Does anyone NOT have mad conversations in their head while running?"

  • Absolutely! I especially experience the "is that ONLY 5 minutes done? " conversation opener. Probably best not to write out loud about some others. Lol

  • Haha, almost exactly the same conversation happens in my head, along with, after about 20 minutes, wondering if I could actually walk faster. And then when Laura says 'go for it' for that last 60 seconds the conversation turns a bit blue! :-) Love this post :-)

  • I'm almost the same as you, lemony, except that mins 1-3 are 'why am I even trying this. I can't do it today. Legs are made of lead.' and from 5 mins 'oh yeah, now I remember why I like this!'

  • Love this. I'm always having full blown internal conversations with myself whenever I'm out running. Glad to know it's not just me!

  • Yep. I tell myself I can always make it a short one today - then never do! I also sometimes compose posts to share with you guys.

  • i have mad conversations in my head even if i'm NOT running..

  • Yep!

    at 10 minutes in i usually "cool. I'm in the zone now. This is gonna be a good run"

    The 10:15 seconds "I'm never gonna make it. I'm all over the place. This is awful"

    but like you - the end is in sight "all out - woohoo wind in my air - no one can beat me now" until the 10 year old runs past not even breathing hard :)

  • Running 10k a few times and still all about the first 5 minutes, then it's all fine! Provided you've paced it right that is...

  • Oh yes, all the time. You forgot to add another on the very end:

    "When's my next run?"

  • hehe! That's true. In fact the madness has truly set in as I *always* seem to be thinking about my next run.

  • Haha love it!! I have the same pep talks (in by head) however when I finish I fit pump the air!! As if I'd just come 1st in the Olympics. I must look a walley but I don't care I'm running!

    Good luck!

  • haha!! I do that too. Sometimes I even shout "Yesssssssssssssssssss" before looking round to see if any farmers are nearby.

  • This really made me laugh out loud! I am exactly the same, have a rare old dialogue with my inner demons, just like you. Then when I get home and my OH asks "how did the run go?" - I reply "oh,yeh, really good!" Before slipping in to my evangelical new runner mode!

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