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W4R1 about to commence

I started running in February on a treadmill and was doing 5k twice a week in about 35 minutes. I decided that I wanted to run "alfresco" so started the C25K again outside along the seafront close to where I live. What a difference it is running on concrete to a rubber band!!! At first 1 minute was a real struggle, pacing yourself & not going off too quickly, but on Sunday finished W3R3 and tonight its time for W4R1.......I'm fairly certain I can do it but getting used to outside running is much harder than I thought it would be, but much more enjoyable.

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Definitely - but well done for braving the big wide world! ;) I have done treadmill sessions in the past, but far prefer running outdoors (even despite the glorious British weather!). Tis definitely harder on the legs, but so much more varied. The advantage is that when you're getting tired and needing to just keep going, it's much easier to find a target to run to... :D


Sound advice, thank you


Of course you can do it - it's about learning to pace yourself but it sounds as if you're doing well.

It's so much more enjoyable isn't it!


Oh running by the sea front , its my dream , Lucky you !

You can do this :-) xxx


Hahahah! Have you seen your tag? Where did THAT come from? It must have been the "rubber band"! Haha 😂😂😂

PS well done!


Well I managed to complete W4R1 and really enjoyed it, I stopped (or tried to) concentrating on time and just listened to my music. Running for a longer period somehow made it a little easier......Bizarre!!

Apologies for the tag, not quite sure how I managed to get that added to the post!!!


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