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W4R1 completed but not sure if too slow

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Hello! So I did my first week 4 run yesterday and managed to keep going for the full two lots of 5 minutes. I can't help feel I'm running too slow, feel I probably power walk faster! I know loads of posts say to keep it slow but how slow is too slow? I've got a fit bit and heart rate is always in cardio and peak for most of the run so I'm guessing that's a sign in going fast enough?

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Too slow to get in the next Olympic squad, maybe, but fast enough to complete C25K. There is nothing to stop you running faster, if you can and wish to, but as the duration increases you will probably be perfectly happy at your current pace. I ran the whole of the plan as fast as I could, but came to it probably with a higher level of fitness than the average poster on this forum, having always done physical work.

Slow does the job, so just be comfortable.

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Slow is fine...just do the runs and build up gently :)

The best thing to do with the Fitbit is to stick a small piece of gaffa tape over the display so you can't see it while doing exercise.

Too slow is when moss and stuff starts to grow on you. Too fast, on the other hand, is any speed higher than that at which you are most comfortable.

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KatielhGraduate in reply to Rignold

Oh I don't look at my Fitbit whilst exercising, just review my heart rate afterwards. Lol no tumbleweed as yet so I'll continue as I am! Thanks

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Rignold in reply to Katielh

Very wise. Second tip for Fitbit: when you check your HR afterwards, get a bowl of salt, and when you note what 'zone' it tells you, take a large pinch. Then throw that over your left shoulder for good luck. You may also throw the Fitbit over either shoulder, should you choose.

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I would have thought so long as you feel like you're running, then whatever speed you're going at is fast enough. If you feel you can get a higher pace for a particular run and still complete the time then there's nothing to stop you trying that (though beware it may mean you don't complete a run and should probably do it again).

I've finished week one and for runs 2 and 3 felt that I could go a bit faster and still complete, which I did. I shan't be attempting to run at the same pace in week 2 that I have been doing for week 1 though, primary aim is all about improving the time you can spend running without having to slow down to a walk, rather than improving your speed :)

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KatielhGraduate in reply to Thecko

That's how I'm thinking too just doubting myself but I've managed all runs so far and I think if I'd have gone faster yesterday I wouldn't have finished so I'll carry on with my plodding run!!

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Ok you're not a Fitbit fan then?!

Hi Katie. I have just done week 4 run 2 and feel that same. Does your fit bit give you a max speed or avg speed ? I'm just telling myself as long as I'm red and sweaty I'm working hard enough !

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KatielhGraduate in reply to Gyates

I think it just gives average which is obviously slow at the moment because of the walking intervals so for now I'm just using the heart rate levels which tells you fat burn, cardio and peak and it seems to be mostly cardio and peak so that's good enough for now I think!!

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