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Running buddy where are you?!

Hey guys and girlies,

Now the flu has finally released me from it's grasp I need to get back on track and start my C25K again!! Had my big diabetic check up last week at the hospital, test results came back really good and I've been discharged. So diabetes under control (thank goodness) now it's time to make a move on losing some weight and getting fitter before it creeps on even more and my diabetes becomes out of control again.

Really need a running buddy haha anyone interested? ;)

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When I first started to try out this running thingie 6 months ago ( as an old unfit male) , I could see very quickly that C25K - with it's demands to run 1 minute at a time from the first week - was too much for me . So I undertook this Mayo Clinic 7 week programme first before starting C25K It is a very gentle introduction to running - as you can see by the short running intervals. But I am VERY pleased that I did it initially. I remain unconvinced that ANYBODY and EVERYBODY can do C25K (at least from scratch) and think that many (like me) really need to be able to walk for 30 minutes at a brisk pace easily before even thinking about doing C25K - and, also like me, doing the Mayo Clinic programme after being able to walk 30 mins quickly and easily, is a really good intro to running before tackling C25K.

There is really no hurry at all to complete C25K - that should be the ultimate goal , but even more important is to develop a HABIT of moving our bodies through walking and running before pushing things too far. There are many of us here who are/were old, unfit ,unwell - eat too much of the wrong things - basically addicted to an unhealthy lifestyle - and we have to tackle these things before running too much, too fast, too far.

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Thank you for your comments and recommendations, I will have a look in to it. Apologies for the late reply!

I started C25k, running for the first time in my life but carrying 15 odd stone. I developed an injury in the back of my left ankle right from the start and kept going, getting to the end of week 4, but then I've had 2 awful weeks of trying to run on it but knowing afterwards that I shouldn't have. So I'm off to the doctors tomorrow to try and get some physic and I am icing it/doing stretching exercises. I have decided to stop running for a while but am desperate not to, but mentally I know I need to rest my ankle. So I am going to try walking and rowing for a while but know I will go back to it as I was really enjoying some physical exercise for the first time in my life. So get back to it - you won't regret it, I'm there with you in spirit!

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Sorry for the very late reply, how did it go with your ankle? Hope you got it sorted and are back on your feet comfortably now!! :)

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I need to rest it for a couple of weeks which is up this weekend but have to say it's still playing up with no running so not sure what to do next as want to get back to it but will stat at the beginning again. How are you getting on?

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Aww sorry to hear, hope you start to feel better soon!

I'm planning on starting my C25K from the beginning tomorrow *fingers crossed* haha

Hi Kayla,

How is your c25K going? I have just started again as this is Third Time Lucky for me. DIW1 yesterday. I too feel that a running partner would keep me on track. Let me know if we can help each other

Just keep going and trust the programme

All the best.

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Hi there, we'll done for getting back in to it and starting again! I want to start mine again this coming week, I did start then ended up poorly.

Yeah I would love a running partner I need someone to keep me motivated and give me well needed kick up the butt! Haha someone to keep in touch with each week to help keep me on track.

Good luck with your run I hope you have a lot of success and keep up the hard work! :) x

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We are all running buddies on here! Good luck :-)

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Thank you! :)

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