Where do you buy your running shoes?

The much anticipated "snowmaggedon" didn't materialise here in Edinburgh, but it has been really cold and quite icy. I had been resigned to not getting out to run today, I'd already had to skip a day due to ice, but today the pavements were generally clear of ice. I changed my route and managed a nice 6k :-)

Anyhow, the trainers that got me through C25k, which were already ancient, are on their last legs. This leads me to my question: which are good places to get good value running shoes? Also, how much roughly should I spend?

Ta in advance!


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  • If you know which type of shoe you need and don't have any special requirements then:

    M and M Direct mandmdirect.com/

    is a place to consider. Many of their offers are for one or two year old models which are at a big discount compared to the latest 'version'. You can get a very good pair of shoes in the £40-£50 range.

    If you do have special requirements or have been prone to injuries then having gait analysis at a running shop is something to consider.

    In all circumstances, you want proper running shoes, not trainers.

  • If you've got a local running shop, that would be the best place to go. If you want, they may well be able to do a gait analysis, and ensure that you have shoes which support your feet properly for the way you run. Even if you don't want this, they will have a better range of styles and sizes than a general sports shop - which makes a huge difference if you're on any of the extremes for size or width fitting (says she with big, very broad feet, and running shoes which fit better than any other shoes I own!)

    My last two pairs have had a list price if £115 each, but one I got a discount cos I had a current race entry, and the other was in the sale so only cost £80. ('Only!!!' says Mr Rainbow, but he knows they're absolutely worth it really!)

  • Thanks both, that's really good info. Gait analysis sounds like a good idea, as my feet roll when I walk, so who knows if they do similar when I run.

  • The cheeky (but very commonly used) method is to try a few pairs on and then buy them online, where they are always cheaper. I use Sportsshoes.com. ☺

  • That thought had crossed my mind!

  • That's all well and good till you need some expert advice further down the line and you wonder why your local running shop has closed down.

  • Use it or lose it😏

  • Local running shop, gait analysis, get shoes that will look after you, worth every penny 😎

  • I go to a local running store which allows you to actually go out on the street and test running in the shoes. Running shoes are expensive and you don't need the latest version. Last year's were fine and two years before that too in all likelihood. Unfortunately sizing isn't always uniform from year to year. I normally wear a 5 but had to buy 6.5 in my last pair of ASICS. The newer versions are narrower and shorter, so this time I had to get 7, maybe even 7.5 would have been better and closer to the fit I used to have in the 6.5 ones. That's the only drawback to buying older versions online. If you find a pair you really like, I think it is worth buying a second pair before they are discontinued. They are generally all on the expensive side in my opinion but it is the single piece of running equipment you really need and they should be good for you.

    Experienced runners can tell when they try and run in a shoe whether it feels right but for those of us who are not that experienced, I'd say go for a well known brand and get some advice on the fitting. I get neutral running shoes but if your feet roll inwards as you run, you might need shoes designed to counteract this.

  • This is great info, you make a good point about fit. Perhaps the Internet is better once you know how certain brands fit, and what size is appropriate.

  • Hi i have just started the couch to 5k and now on week 4. I went to the running shop and they did the gait analysis. One person said i needed neutral shoes and the other said over pronation! I decided to go for the second option, as i know my foot rolls in a bit. Also got mortons neuroma in foot. I got the asics gel ones in a size bigger than my feet, as that was what they recommended. They are very comfortable. Because if have foot problems i apply biofreeze afterwards, which is very good.

  • Thanks for all the great advice! I think I shall pay a visit to my nearest running shop. I do have Christmas money to spend after all..

  • I always buy my shoes at Run4it - there's one in Lothian Road and one out at the Maybury. Staff really helpful and knowledgeable. They ask you where you run and in my opinion really treat you as an individual. Can't recommend them enough.

  • Oh they sound great! Thanks for the recommendation, I shall check them out :-)

  • Decathlon if you have one local to you. They do free gait analysis, provide advice and have a wider price range than my local running shop where the young man rather snootily told me they had nothing under £100.

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