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Thumbs up to running buddy

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Anyone struggling where to put their keys , especially bulky car keys when out on a run, try this. Its a little magnetic pocket that fits on your waistband securely. From ebay, called running buddy wallet

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If only I could find my waist! 😂🤣

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Gilliano666Graduate in reply to Behr

😂😂😂, so harsh on yourself xx

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BehrGraduate in reply to Gilliano666


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I was thinking about the water one but can’t decide

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Gilliano666Graduate in reply to Tasha99

Haven't even got round to solving the water bottle, I tend to have a drink just before and after, but if going to run for longer, then deffo need something x

Squishy ultra running bottle works for me. I carry key and phone in flat style bumbag that sits in small of back - bit like a travel wallet.

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I use a running bum bag that holds 2 small water bottles, and I can put my phone and a key in it, would post a pic of it but don’t seem to be able to, odd thing is when doing the C25K I drink more than when I used to enter 10ks, very odd, never worked out why,

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Gilliano666Graduate in reply to Taffinator

I tried the bum bag, but it felt bulky, maybe should have tried a different one? Also will need to carry water as I start running longer, but can manage the 30 mins without for now 😊

You only ever need one key when you're running. Either the front/back door key or, if you're driving, the car key. I always separate the key I need and leave the others behind. But nice wallet 🙂

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Keep meaning to get keyrings that dont break my nails 🙊x

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