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Running Buddy

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My friend, business partner, and former running buddy passed away suddenly yesterday at the age of 38. I was about to head out for my run when I got the call. I had just two weeks ago published a story on how we started running together, and we were talking about those days the day before he passed away. I have been meaning to share the story with this community, but never got around to it. I share it today as a tribute to my friend:

Nobody could believe that two such lazy souls would get up early and actually go for a run, but we did. We eventually stopped running, and both started up again in the past few months, although we don't run together any more. I will graduate for him.

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Shivani, I'm so sorry! :(

Please accept my condolences.

Really sorry to hear your sad news, it must have been an awful shock to you.  Have just read your beautiful story and it really painted a picture in my mind, I intend to go and run by the sea this weekend.  Good luck with graduating, I am sure that your memories of your friend will give you all the inspiration you need.  

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending good thoughts to you.

Oh my goodness Shivani. How very sad. He was so young at 38. Hope you are alright.

Sorry for you loss.x 

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Oh dear, that's absolutely dreadful.   At 38!  It's so very sad. My condolences to you Shivani  x

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So sad to hear your of Shyamal's passing. How wonderful that you published your article in time for him to know how precious those mornings with him were. My thoughts and prayers are with you. X

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Shivani05Graduate in reply to Slowstart

Your message made me cry...I never thought of it that way, that he got to read the article before he died. Thank you for this xx

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Thinking of you shivani ..  what an awful loss of such a lovely life x such beautiful memories for you to cherish..  when I am next by the sea I will sit by a bench.. look out at the horizon and think of you both..  place a flower in the sea xxx take care shivani xxx

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Such sad news.  Thinking of you, and I feel your graduation will be a lovely tribute - what a thoughtful idea.

So sorry to hear this very sad news x

Sorry to hear your news. May he rest in peace. And yes you keep running and graduate in his memory. 

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Really sorry to hear your sad news, Shivani. What an awful shock. I read your lovely story, which is a beautiful tribute to him. Thinking of you. 

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Shivani...gather your precious memories and run for him, and with him in your heart.

That's so sad,  im sorry'such a shock for you, and at such a young age too. I'm sure you'll carry him with you and relive those memories with each run. 

Take care,  Ali x 

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So sorry to hear that Shivani xx Thoughts are with you and graduating would be a marvellous tribute to Shayamal xx 

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So sorry to read this post. Bex x

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Sorry to hear about that Shivani, such a shock for you, and being so young..

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Treat every new day as a gift, as we sure  dont know whats around the corner .

So so sorry Shivani, deepest sympathies xxxx

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Dear Shivani, this must have been such a shock for you, Juhi and Genesia. Take the time that you need to grieve, but know that, at some time in the future, you will be able to think of Shyamal and smile, instead of cry. Those memories are treasures. Run when you want to, but you'll miss your running buddy so don't run if it makes you sad. 

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Deepest condolences to you, so Sorry to hear your sad news x 

Shivani05 profile image

Thank you all for your kind words. I was numb yesterday and it is starting to sink in today. He was the most joyful person who will be deeply missed by the many who love him.

Apologies for not responding to you all individually, but do know that all your messages mean a lot to me.

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How very sad Shiv. 38 is no age at all, but you've given him a little tiny piece of immortality by writing so beautifully about him. Take care x

I am so sorry for your loss, losing anyone like that is hard no matter what their age.  

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So sorry to hear of your loss.

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Very moving tribute. You will do it & be proud of your reason

Shivani05 profile image

Thank you AncientMum LisaRose74 Tilly48 Doodles123

Curlygurly2 profile image

So sorry Shivani. Thank you for sharing your story, and those beautiful pictures. What lovely memories xxx

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Shivani05Graduate in reply to Curlygurly2

Thank you

Oh Shivani I am so sorry for your loss. My love you must be going through hell. Sending all my love at this very difficult time xxx

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Shivani05Graduate in reply to vickyb5277

Thanks Vicky 

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