Feeling sad!!!

am so down in the dumps at the moment, my left knee is so painful again even just sitting it pains me. I thought i had got it back to normal with the gentle runs on grass round the local park but after my last run on Friday last week it was horrendous all over the weekend. When i got home from a very stressful day and the weather so perfect for running i could cry 'cos i know i can't go out. All my hard work to achieve a fitness level and to challenge myself seems to be going down the pan!!!

Sorry if i sound sorry for myself, i cant help it this evening, because i do!!!!


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  • Oh Careof, I'm so sorry. I'm in exactly the same boat -bloomin' left knee!! I've been out for about 6weeks now and getting more frustrated by the day. I keep thinking I'm almost there, then I'll walk down a steep hill or something similar and I'm almost back to square one. The physio is helping and so are the quad strengthening exercises. Have you got a diagnosis or are you just hoping it will resolve on it's own?

  • Oh dear, I know how draining it is to have a bad knee. Do you know what the problem is, have you had any advice? I found the best advice and help I got was from a sports massage expert but I suppose it depends what the problem is. I once got stuck in a mud bath pit in turkey because I couldn't bend my knee or put any weight on it and had to be hauled out like a harpooned whale - then I couldn't stand up without two strong men heaving me to my feet. Not a pretty sight! Anyway, just saying I understand and do be careful to rest as much as you need to.

  • It's rubbish when you have an injury, I had two big time-outs myself last year (not knees). Take good care, plenty of 'RICE', these things are horrible but you will get back out there in time with the right treatment. In my experience fitness may go down, but can be regained quicker than it was first time around, so don't be too downhearted.

  • I've been having ankle and knee problems too which has stopped me running for the last few months and I agree it is really depressing. I had been so thrilled to graduate and not being to get out there when others can is really frustrating. I know what you are going through. But I have been wondering about pilates and whether that might be able to fix the problem. I finally had a long talk with an instructor this morning and am off to have an assessment on Friday, I was told that these kind of pains are often because of poor foot alignment and I know from my gait analysis that I tend to roll inwards, so I am hopeful that the right kind of exercises might strengthen my ankles. The instructor said that when the foot alignment is right the rest of the body falls into line. It must be worth a go. Has anybody on the forum had success from pilates in fixing ankles and knees?

  • Aww Carerof - so sorry you're back on the ouchy couch. Are you actually receiving treatment of any sort? I know how frustrated you must feel - can you manage any swimming perhaps to keep you fit?

    Hope you feel some improvement soon.

  • Sorry to hear you're in trouble. I hope you get it sorted out soon enough. Best wishes.

  • Poor you, sore knees are really sore. Hope you get better soon.

  • Poor thing - must be sooo frustrating. My husband and I both suffer with our knees - he's facing the inevitable decision that his football playing days are over - he's been "on the couch" for nearly 2 months - ironically most of the time I was doing C25K and he's still not quite right - knees are a bu$$er to put right. I've been lucky with mine and the running actually seems to be helping (think it's the weight loss) but I know how you feel from past injuries - just keep following the RICE advice and you'll be back running soon.

  • It's so frustrating isn't it? Is there any other sort of exercise you can do to keep your fitness levels up? I know that getting out on my bike was my sanity-saver when I injured my ankle earlier this year and I try to keep it going as I'm sure that, along with feet/ankle strengthening exercises, have made me stronger. Keep smiling - you aren't alone! Xx

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