Feeling a tad sad!!

Feeling a bit sad. My friend who got me started on c25k through posting her progress on FB has been suffering with her hip and had to stop running for a while. We don't live that close, 40 miles apart maybe but we've been meeting to do odd runs. I did my 10k with her and we got through it together. Was great. I have a feeling she may not be back for a while. 😥 I have signed up for a few 5k's we were going to do together but have a feeling I may be alone now. It probably sounds really pathetic but I will feel so like Billy no mates doing these runs myself. I have no one else!!! Hubby is keen ish as he's seen how obsessed I've become but we have no family near to look after our bairns so it's virtually impossible to run together. Sigh. Can I really turn up alone at fun runs without looking like a weirdo???!!!!! Sorry. Just feeling sad. I miss my running friend!


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  • Ah, that's a bummer. I think fun runs on your own would be just fine. I've done some races alone, and while it's better with a friend I still enjoy it by myself. And the folks at my events are pretty friendly - I think it'd be easy to mix and mingle post run.

  • Aaaagh thank you. The couple we did together we chatted to loads of people before and during so I'm hoping it will be ok. It's usually a great atmosphere isn't it! I need to be brave and just yap!!!

  • You'll be fine. You can run on your own. You might like it!

    Or join a local jog group. There's bound to be one near you.

  • I run on my own all the time and do love it. It's just the thought of being alone in that huge crowd!!!!

  • Hi Toon, I run alone - nobody I know is remotely interested in running and think I'm peculiar for taking it up! I've not registered for any races yet, but when I do, I plan to ask my girls' dad to come with me and my girls so that they can wave and shout encouaragment as I finally reach the finish line :-)

  • Yes that's a good idea. I'm sure mine will too as next ones are all near by!!

  • Sorry to hear about your friend. She must be feeling pretty down about it. Hugs for both of you.

    How old are your children? A lot of fun runs have childrens races too, so if you timed it right, you could all have a go.

    Or, if they are pushchair sized, your husband could push them round - I've seen that at a fun run. (Perhaps that's an oxymoron!)

    Or, failing that, find a fun run that you could both do whilst your children are at school (not so easy I appreciate as most seem to be at weekends)

    Goodluck. You'll find a solution.

  • Thanks yeah they are 5 and 3 so it's possible!!! Will look into it!!

  • Ah, that's really sad. Have you looked on here (on 'People near me') in case there's someone from this forum near you - you never know? Do you do Parkruns - is there no-one there that you could meet after coffee and team up with. None of this is the same as your old buddy ofcourse but may help. Good luck to you and her.

  • Thanks buffy. No I enjoy running on my own normally. It's just the race thing. I'm Prob just being really silly!!!!

  • Yes you can, I'll tell a sad but true saying. My father once said "son if you find one true friend in life, you have done well" its probably true. So you can count on yourself, so go out there head high and run and look after yourself. None of us have as many friends as we might like to think.

  • Sad but true!!! Definitely!!! I will still go cos I will feel great afterwards!!! and at least I can go my pace without worrying about anyone else!! Only me to look after as you say!! Thanks! Everyone! I feel so much better now!!!! Maybe I should run in my mad glasses!!!

  • Sorry to hear this. Running along isn't that bad though. People at these events seem to be incredibly friendly. You occasionally have to take the initiative and start a conversation. You'll find that most people will include you in their group if you make the initial approach. If they don't, go and talk to someone else.

    How about getting your friend to come along and watch, even if they can't run? They may still appreciate the chance to g get out and have a natter? It would mean you had someone to have coffee with after and someone to look after your kit.

  • Thanks Adam. I think she would find it very frustrating watching. But I could ask her. I can talk to anyone so should be fine!!!

  • I went to my first race on my own cos I didn't want anyone to know I was doing it. I wasn't sure I could do it so I kept schtum. I was worried about it, not knowing anyone, not knowing what to do or where to go. Like a kid on the first day at school sorta thing. I was very late which left no time for worrying. I headed quickly to the loo as they were already assembling at the start. In the loo I bumped into a friend of mine so that was good and she and her husband walked with me to the start, calming my nerves/fears/reservations. It helped a lot but they started ahead of me so left me in my fellow slowcoaches at the back. Once there I found that everyone was chatting like mad to everyone else so that broke the ice wonderfully. Folks chatted to me all the way round. As someone comes alongside they chat to you. I suppose it's just a way of eating up the miles. I couldn't believe how friendly folks were. The race after that was chipped and I had no idea what to do with the chip and couldn't see the instructions so I asked someone to help me. Folks are happy to do so, so don't worry about being alone. You're not! There's thousands of em! All there to have a good day

    You seem the chatty sort Toony so I think you'll be just fine. Don't let your fears hold you back

  • Thanks miss wobble. Yeah us Geordies yap to anyone. I'm sure I will be fine. It seems to be an acceptable thing to do to run alone. Once I'm going it will be fine. Like you say it's the getting there and finding out what to do!!!!

  • I do all my runs alone as I don't have any friends or family nearby or interested. It can feel a bit strange when you arrive at the race but your soon chatting to all and sundry. And if I enjoy it why should I miss out?

    I can look like an ejit walking home grinning from ear to ear looking lovingly at my medal though.

    Have fun.

  • Nothing like a bit of bling to make you beam is there! That will be me too!!! Thanks for t

  • Oooops! Thanks for your reply!

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