No longer obese, its a great feeling

Just got back from running week 7 run 2, actually ran to week 6 podcast as i prefered the music - sorry Laura.

Well it was tough going this morning as the wind was coming off the sea, but easier than running in the heat of last week.

I came across C25k when i was checking my BMI on the NHS website, i weigh myself every Saturday morning and today, for the first time since i can remember i can call myself overweight instead of obese. :D

Thanks to everyone that has helped me get this far, i'm now only 7 runs away from graduating.

Good luck with your next run everyone.

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  • That truely is amazing news! You must feel fantastic and so you should!

    Congratulations on the weight and on your run progress so far :)

  • Well done you.

    Keep going :)

  • Woo hoo! Well done on your progress on running and weight loss.

    I moved out of the obese into the overweight range of bmi myself two weeks ago so know how good that feels! I have also started getting a shapelier butt (when I have lost weight before I have never notices my butt getting smaller!) so thank the C25k for that!

  • well done to you to, i've received several comments about my bum getting smaller, and my shape changing, its a great feling

  • Well done on that mile stone, not long to graduation now!

  • Well done! And remember that this is a bigger achievement than it first seems because when you started running some of the fat converted to muscle that weighs more.

  • Fantastic! That is wonderful. It won't be long until you're running for 30 minutes too :)

  • Congratulations, its great to know that all this hard work pays off in so many ways.

  • I've gone from class III obese to just short of class 1.... It's a start


  • and to you to :)

  • Fantastic! Brilliant! :D

  • Well done! Fantastic:)

  • Well done you. C25k seems to motivate people in a way that just being told to exercise doesn't.

    I started when my BMI was borderline obese and have set myself a target of top end of "normal", Also using Myfitnesspal to monitor food and exercise. Have lost 10kg and 4kg to go.

  • Well done, normal will be a dream, but then again running was not so many weeks ago

  • Thanks everyone,

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