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Week6 run 2 feeling sad

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Just finished my run it went ok legs felt heavy towards the end but I managed it. Just in my warm down walk my usual sweaty look after a run and a couple were walking their dog and were laughing at me. I feel so upset I know it's not a pretty sight but at least I'm trying to get fit. It has really put me off going out again feel like a laughing stock 😢

55 Replies
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What a couple of err... James’s. I’d have reacted... well done for not doing so. You’ll show them... if they walk the dog the same time every day all you need is some rain and a nice puddle to sprint into. People like that really get my goat... I was over 22 stone, and most people who saw me sweating it out were supportive, but it only takes one a’hole to break the spirit. Get out there... don’t let idiots drag you down, you’re better than them.

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Archer1Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you so much I always feel a bit silly on the warm down walk I bet people think goodness me she's only walking and look at the state of her

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Archer1

F*** em... it’s almost certain that you’re fitter already. As someone posted the other day only 1% of adults can run a mile. You may be bigger, but as it stands you’ll live longer. I had to learn to just take it... only so many people I could give the middle finger to!

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Don't let a couple of fools put you off! Most mind there own business, You're doing great, carry on!

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Archer1Graduate in reply to davelinks

Thank you for the support it means a lot

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Please don’t let ignorant people put you down. You’re doing brilliantly and should be proud of what you’re achieving. Unfortunately, small minded people exist, but that is their problem not yours. Keep up the good work, you’re fabulous! ! 😘🤗👍


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Archer1Graduate in reply to Vix_yp

Bless you that's very kind

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F**k em x you are doing brilliantly. I'm only on week 1 so I am in AWE of anyone that can do more than 60 seconds at a time!

Don't let 2 ignorant people put you off. The only persons affirmation you need is yours. So go stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how bloody amazing you are!!!

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Jogunlikely

Thank you so much

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You are so much closer to the end than the beginning. Keep going. There will always be people who take pleasure in being unkind to others. But you are being kind to yourself every time you go for a run. I look like a red tomato afterwards - my son told me so 😁

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Keasel

Thank you for your support

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Don't let the small minds of ignorant tosspots get you down. You are doing fab and bullies and those who belittle others do so because it's the only way to make them feel good about themselves. I'd feel pity for them - right after a slap in the chops maybe lol

Keep going - they are the minority and you need to remember you are so much better xx

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Bandit14

Thank you so much for your kind words

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They are ignorant idiots. Here's you doing something really worthwhile and you get treated like that. Try to put it to the back of your mind and ignore it 😞

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Archer1Graduate in reply to telford_mike

Thanks mike I will try not to let it put me off

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What? You’re on week 6!!!?

You’ve come so far!! Two thirds through!

That’s amazing. You’ve nearly cracked it!!

I got heckled from a passing car but it made me more determined. I’m running. They’re not.

Keep it up!

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Jude1963

Thank you Jude

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Only those who know nothing about running would laugh at someone walking............many marathon runners use a run/walk strategy.........so the laugh is on the ignorant, certainly not you.

You obviously don't know them, so why on earth should you care what they think. We are your running buddies and we are impressed that you have got so far.

Stuff them.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Archer1Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you so much I just felt such a fool

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They’re idiots, I know it might hurt but please don’t let people like that stop you. You should be so so so proud of yourself for what you achieved so far!!

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Archer1Graduate in reply to vickyxav

Thank you so much

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What anyone else thinks is their problem.

Anyone who would laugh at someone doing something so good for themselves is certainly not worth paying the slightest bit of attention to.👎

Please don't let them win. You're worth more than they are. Keep up the great work 👍😁

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Archer1Graduate in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thank you for your support

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Ignore them - they have absolutely no idea. And I bet they couldn’t run the distance you can. Keep your head up and just smile serenely - it really doesn’t matter what others think, it is you that matters and don’t let other ignorant peasants tear you down.

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Archer1Graduate in reply to BarbieW

That is really sweet of you thank you

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I would feel awful too, but what you've got to remember is that you're balancing two stupid pillocks who haven't got an ounce of common decency between them against the dozens of people on this board who understand and appreciate what you're doing, what you've achieved already and what you have yet to achieve. The ignorant laughter of fools will melt away like summer snow, but the things you're achieving will last for a long, long time. 💟💟💟

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Languid_Lil

Lovely words thank you

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Week 6, my goodness u are smashing it! and as for those low life's- next time shout "Good morning" at the top of your damn sucsesful voice with a big smile planted on your face - kill em with kindness and take the high road😁

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Wadnut

Thank you so much for your support

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It doesn’t matter what other people think you’re doing this for you! Keep going, you’re doing great, I can’t even see myself getting to week 6. Starting week 4 on Friday. You should be proud of your amazing achievements 🌟

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Netball2018

Thank you so much

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Their behaviour says everything about them, and nothing about you. Please don't be put off - be very, very proud of what you are achieving.

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Runip

That is really kind thank you

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What a pair of idiots! I don’t think they can be fellow runners as I don’t think runners would laugh like that. You are therefore already better than them! Not only that but...week 6! Wow!! You’re doing an amazing job!

Don’t let the bast@*ds grind you down!

Big hugs to you 💕

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Oaktree2

Thank you so much. I don't mean to be unkind but they didn't look in their peak of physical fitness themselves 😕

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Don’t let a couple of ignorant people put you off. In 3 weeks you will be running 30 min so who will have the last laugh

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Woggle

Thank you so much for your support

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As everyone has said they’re the foolish ones not you! Hope you’re smiling soon!! Week 6 though!!!!! You are kicking ass! Shame you didn’t kick theirs too!! 😘😘😘

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Dee_N

Thank you so much

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Don’t be sad, you should be proud of your self x

You are an inspiration, after reading your post you have inspired me to get oustside!!! I am on week 7 and haven’t been confident enough to try,but I will now. Thanks for the inspiration, you are amazing 😊🌸

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Monkeynolegs

Thank you so much for your support

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I know how you feel. I was struggling yesterday, been running 40 mins when I was passed by 2 other girls who laughed at me when they ran past. Guess who gave a smug look at them both as they was overtaken ( they had reverted to walking ) half a mile up the road?! Yes me! It's not about speed, it's about endurance and your running their not. Stuff what other people think! Your fabulous!

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Sharna86

Wow good for you. That showed them 😏

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I understand, that last 5 minutes walk all sweaty, I get up really early and run when no one is around! I am 69 and I felt very self conscious!

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Archer1Graduate in reply to dollymo

Yes unually I go a bit earlier to miss all of the dog walkers as I have been chased by dogs a few times !

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Someone said 'by their works shall you know them'. It's not what people say that matters, but what they do. He was right. You are not sitting there saying 'I'll run and get fit tomorrow', you are out there now, fixing your health.

Never mind what people say, you know what you are doing, and you know it's right. So do we, not because of what you say, but because you are doing it. Run proud.

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Archer1Graduate in reply to theoldfellow

Thank you so much

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Like everyone has said, they are clearly a couple of ignorant (insert appropriate swear word). I can't really express how angry that makes me. You are doing brilliantly to get to week 6 (as a fellow week 6er, also giving myself a pat on the back!). It is not easy to keep getting out there & doing it & you are. They are not worthy of a second thought. Be proud of yourself. They clearly don't have much between their ears, should feel sorry for them really! Good luck with run 3. 🤞😀

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Suse70

Thank you so much your support means a lot to me

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I've had a couple of those experiences....think many of us here have, to be honest.

It's hard to not let it get to you.......

But (there's always a but....lol!!!).....if you start worrying about what others say and think, then you'll find it challenging to stay focussed.

So, I'd recommend you remind yourself of why you decided to start C25k and focus on only that......let the world say what it wants. Look after yourself, your needs and your wants.......once you do this, everything else will fall into place.

I remember one of my early runs where I felt mortified that a "normal" person was walking faster than I was running (Ok, slow-jogging....lol!). I also had a young lovey-dovey couple mooching about at the park laugh at me outright and call out "Look at Fat Mama go!!!"

I came back from those runs quite upset.....but the support I got here from my running buddies helped me get my perspective right and today morning, I graduated by running 30 full mins non-stop.

They laughed at me, I'm now having the last laugh!!!!😊

So, brush it off, stay focussed, follow your dream and we will all be there to welcome you on that podium with a bright shiny "graduate" badge!!!!

#dontgiveup #keepgoing #youcandothis


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Thank you so much I am really blown away with all the messages of support x

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Some people.....unbelievable! Be proud and hold your head up! You're amazing! A friend laughed when I said I ran now, i reminded her that unlike her I'm not on blood pressure tablets. She said she'd rather take a tablet. I told her that was sad.....🤪🤪🤪! Still friends..!

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Ang33333

It is true I started this because I want to get fit. I used to run as a teenager and although I can't see me managing the miles that I used to run I have surprised myself. I am usually quite thick skinned but even my dad said I am too old to run ( I'm 41)

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Ang33333Graduate in reply to Archer1

I'm ten years older than you! I'm completely past it then!! 🤪🤪🤪

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Archer1Graduate in reply to Ang33333

Not likely. He probably thinks I should take up something a lot less strenuous lol

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