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24 Hours Running!

Hello lovely runners,

I've just discovered something very fun while doing my usual pottering around Garmin Connect.

As well as telling you about your individual run data it also collates 'lifetime data', that's everything I've done since I bought Gretta Garmin in April and I'm astounded by the results;

Distance 217.76 km

Time 24:06:12 hrs

Calories 13,767 C

Since April I've ran over 135 miles!! I've also been running for over 24 hours. Wow!

I reckon by the time 2014 is up, all being well I will have spent 2 days of 365 pounding the pavement. What a wonderful thing to know :)

I bet there are others out there that out my 24 hours to shame...let's hear them please :)

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Runkeeper doesn't tell me how long I've spent running in total, but says I have done 453.7k since mid September 2013. I reckon I can get that up to 500k for the end of my first year.


Wow Ullyrunner! That's incredible. I think looking at these figures is so nice, it just makes you realise that it all counts, the slow ones, the fast ones, and the can't be bothered ones :)


Yup, it all adds up over time, and metrics are great for giving us a bit of extra motivation. I particularly like the "over 24 hours", that sounds very impressive! :)


Ok, here we go.... Running activities for the last 12 months.....

871.58km (About 540 miles)

95.44 hours on the road

77,348 calories burned

1 pair of Brooks GTS completely worn out


Blooming 'eck Rob! That is astounding. I make that 4 whole days running and even more shockingly, over 4 weeks worth of calories!

I cannot wait to have a whole year under my belt :)


Since March:

486.49 kms 53.47.50 hrs 28,393 calories burned


Since March and starting C25K... 368.94km, 41.56 hours on the road and 33074 calories run off...


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Wow Aussie! Already nearing the 2 day mark! Incredible isn't it! Kind of makes me wish I had the technology to map my runs a little sooner, but hey, I'm sure racking up miles now.

Some of these calorie figures are incredible, even if like me you're not aiming to lose weight or really changing your diet they must have an impact.


Since June:

108.3 Kilometers

8,072 Calories

17.57 Hours

I think this includes a couple of walks but it's mostly my C25K stats. The calories one is the one that shocks me!! Over 8 thousand calories!! Wow!


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