Hello folks - tis but a long while since I last posted on here, so I thought I'd write a quick blogette about this mornings run.

I should have gone out yesterday morning, but when I saw the rain I thought, "I'm not gonna ruin my hair!" - so I postponed until today. Arose at a reasonable hour, thanks to a group of schoolchildren and their Mums outside my window doing what sounded like a group of of rioters throwing metal dustbins at each other. They were in fact just making their way to school......

I had this idea this morning that I could run 7K in under 40 minutes. I'm not even sure I've ever done this - (I could check and go over stats, but that's SOOOOO dull). Instead I decided that if I could do it, it would count as a PB. I've done it in 40 minutes for sure.....but under that? Hmmmm....was it possible? At my age and everything.

Once outside on my warm up walk, I made the decision that I should jettison the idea of a sub 40. It was too much pressure on my mental state of being........or was it? Damn! I didn't know what the hell to do. I started running.....

Things were feeling good. I felt light and springy, my breathing was slow and steady and my limbs seemed to be working well. 1K, 2K, 3K went brilliantly. I was approaching the halfway point and wondered if I should look at my garmin to see how I was doing? Decided not to - in case it was bad news and it deflated me. By now you see, I had decided to go for the sub 40 minuter and I wanted to keep focused.

4K.....good. 5K beeped at well under 30 minutes which meant this could be on! I wasn't tiring which is unlike me. Perhaps my brain had told my legs that todays lesson was endurance, and that they'd better behave, otherwise they'd get 50 lashes! 6K beeped and again, I was tempted to look at Gertie Garmin.....but I didn't. I was so worried I might have screwed this run up, I didn't want to ruin my day!! I decided on this last kilometre I would turn on my Super Dan Boosters!

Galloping like prize stud (???) I tore along the Thames path. Flies and bugs crashed into my face, but I didn't care. I swatted them away like they were....well.....bugs! Leaves fell around me, like missiles trying to put me off and throw me off my stride, but I wasn't having any of it. I dodged them like a pro, laughing in their face - Muuwahhahaaaa!!!!

I was approaching a new development of luxury flats being built and I knew that my finish line was just past this site. On I ran, waiting for the sound of Gertie Garmin to alert me that I had reached BEEPED!! I looked down gingerly at the time piece, wondering if I had done it.......if I hadn't, then I'd be massively depressed and would spend the rest of the day in a darkened room, drinking neat whiskey and shouting expletives out of the window.

Alas! I need not have worried because I did it in 39'36! HOOOOORAY!! (***does a quick "conga" around the room***)

Its amazing what the brain can do isn't it? I'm sure its because I thought about doing a sub 40 that my body was somehow prepared for it and did the biz. I'm sooo pleased - yippeeeeee!

Thanks for reading

Yer pal



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38 Replies

  • Well done Speedy Dan! Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. The image of you swatting bugs and dodging leaves brought a a smile to my face!

  • Haha! Thanks U.R.

  • What a fabulous write-up! And well done on a sub-40 7k!

    I must try that conga warm-down sometime!


  • Works every time for me Ugi.

  • Well done pal..I've felt that to when running, set the mind on something and you achieve it. seems Spooky!.......

  • I know? Isn't it BRILLIANT!

  • Nice time Mr Zargo!!! Isn't it great how the speed slowly develops as the miles on our legs increase.

  • It sure is. But how do we get faster, the older we get????

  • Well done!!

  • Merci!

  • That's super speedy, Mr Dan, well done you, but, a bit wussy on the rain me thinks. I didn't wimp out, 8k done in the glorious rain! 😄


  • Aye!!! Wimp!! The rain is the best man!!!! Hope is lashing doon for me!!! Xx

  • Well done Madge. can't ruin the hair daaahhhliiing!

  • Brian running? Who he?

    Sub 40 7k is great, but haven't you done a sub-55 10k? In which case by my calculations a sub 38.30 7k should be totes in the bag... Go on Dan! You know you can!

  • I did do a sub 55 10K you're right - on March 21st this year. I just found the stats - 7K in 38'41. Blimey....forgot about that....

  • Ha ha Well done Dan the Man , a sub 40 minute 7k is flippin' awesome !

    Love your tags ha ha :-D xxx

  • Boom! Thanks PP.

  • Well done Dan. Brilliant PB

  • As TurboTortoise pointed out though GF.....turns out I did a faster one in March!! That girls memory is astounding!

  • Still quick though just not as quick as March. Well done TT for remembering

  • Only because I did the same race and remember the sub-55 celebrations, banners, champagne and dancing girls! I don't keep a spreadsheet :-p

  • What did Dan have for his celebrations ;-)

  • Whooooooo!!!! Canny fast that pet. Marviliss! Well dun like! I'm oot tu moru. Struglin at mo. Mite post a winge akchilly!! X

  • Looking forward to your whinge!

  • Woohoo!!! Awesome achievement. Good for you!

  • Thank you

  • Ha ha ha! That's fab Dan. Your posts always make me laugh out loud. "Galloping like a prize stud". Love it! It's so YOU!

    Super duper time and it's great to see you're back to enjoying your running again.

  • Oh yussss! Lovin' it, me!

  • Yay a conga, we haven't had one of those for months, just what I needed. Well done on your sub 40 min 7km a great achievement.

  • Thank you RFC.

  • fabulous...well done!!

  • Thanks Juju. Was pretty happy about it I can tell you!

  • Well done Dan and yes, this running lark is mostly mental.

    P.s. You had run sub-40 for 7k before :)

  • Yes - TurboTortoise pointed out that on march 21st I managed 7K in 38'41 as part of a 10K race we both did. Is that the one you mean?

  • I didn't look too deeply into it, I just saw that your 10K PB was very similar to mine and deduced that to achieve that time you would needed to have run a good bit quicker than 40:00 for 7K.

  • That is super speedy!!! It shows great restrain not looking at the garmin!! My mind and body on opposite sides so you must share how you manage to get them on the same page!!

  • Its easy. I know if I look at it, I'll most likely get deflated, so I just hope for the best!!

  • Ha ha, great post Dan. I could do with some of those "Super Dan Boosters" 🚀where did you get those from? Well done on your sub 40.

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