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Geriatric running!

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Hi all,I've been reading your posts with interest. I've done C25K twice but stopped because I had a fall and got out of the habit. Also I'm worried that if I have another fall and need an ambulance, I might have to wait hours and I'll be wasting NHS time.

But I miss running. I'm happy to run very slowly, I used to run 5K in an hour sometimes but mostly I really enjoyed it.

I wondered if there was anyone out there who was as old as me - I'm 72 in June. My friends all think that's too old to be running.

28 Replies
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You are certainly not too old to be running!

We have runners older than 72 on the forums .

Do what you enjoy , we only have one time around !

And what's wrong with 5k in an hour , you said yourself you enjoyed it .

Continue with what makes you happy !

Are you doing any running at the moment ?

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gobojo in reply to Instructor57

Not at the moment but, because I am missing it I think I will start again, especially after the lovely replies I've had.

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Instructor57Administrator in reply to gobojo

Good to hear !We will all be here cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

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Ha ha.. loads of us then, shouldn't be running.. I am 73 on Monday!

Slow and steady is perfect... if that is your happy certainly is mine:)

As Instructor57 says, if you enjoy it, that is great... so do it!

Why not give C25K a chance again? It is great fun, you know the need to push, just take your own time, and do, please, check out this post just to refresh your mind.

Those friends who tell you you are too old, they are just envious... go show them how it is done:)

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gobojo in reply to Oldfloss

Such a nice reply, thank you

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to gobojo

PS..Please tell said friends...I am running a 10K race on Sunday...same location I did my first HM just two weeks before I was 70. !

Just shows you where slow and steady takes you...go for it!

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I'll be 74 in December and by no means the oldest on this site . I run - slowly as well - for various reasons but mainly to keep as active as I can for as long as possible. It sounds like your confidence has been knocked by your fall. Perhaps going out for brisk walks or doing W1 of C25K would restore your confidence ? Don't let fear of what may never happen ( nor friends) put you off running.

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no, no, no. You are definitely not too old. And there’s no such thing as running too slow. You enjoy it so keep going. Don’t forget that old saying “ you don’t stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running. Running makes me feel younger and fitter, does it you? If so why would you give it up ? Younger runners fall too sometimes, tripping over an unseen obstacle or whatever. It can shake your confidence momentarily, but I just think the less you move, the stiffer you become and then are more likely to fall when you do move. If you’ve lost a bit of confidence due to falling, stick to well lit pavements and even surfaces until you get your mojo back. Good luck😎

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gobojo in reply to Getfitordietrying

Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement - much appreciated!

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Never too old to start running gobojo, I began C25K one month before I was 72 and graduated 3 weeks after my 72nd birthday, just yesterday I ran my 33rd 10K in a time of 1:13:12, I have also ran 75 parkruns, so you can resume training again, make sure you don't fall by taking all the runs slowly, good luck, by the way I will be 77 in May.

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gobojo in reply to AlMorr

Wow!! That's so encouraging, thank you😊

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And what activities keep your friends happy and alive ? What do they recommend you do?

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You're never too young to start. 😜

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Dear One, I’m 76 now and started this gig when I was 70. I’m sure you could run circles around me. I don’t care how slow I am; some walkers exceed me, I’m sure, but I just realized that my happiest time during the day is when I am out jogging. I’ve been out for 45 minutes lately, as I’d been in the 30 minute runs forever and finally got off my butt and found “Run Free” (Audio Fuel,) so I could extend my running for longer which I recognize is healthier. I can’t help but wonder if one of those non-running friends could be enticed to try running. I was dragged, kicking and screaming, by my son to run. I thought he was crazy but my whole world changed when Laura told me I was a runner now.

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gobojo in reply to LiisaM

Thank you for your reply, I shall most definitely go back to running now.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to gobojo


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FasterthanshizuGraduate in reply to gobojo

Watch out, these people are like Moonies!

Me included. C25K has been so good for me I find it hard not to try to convert everyone I meet.

If you enjoy it, and it's good for you, it'd be daft not to.

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Hi youngster, I am 76 and still running so you are not too old. So Rock 🎸 on and have an Excellent run.

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I started running on 10th January this year, and I turned 74 in February. NEVER let anyone tell you you're too old to do something. They're just afraid you'll show them how unfit they are 😂

Did you fall while you were running? If so, perhaps you need a gait analysis if you haven't already had one. I had several falls while out walking, and my physio diagnosed that I needed some extra support on the outside of my heels. So I got some new trainers which have a support ring on the heel and feel so much more secure. She also showed me some exercises to do to strengthen my ankle joints. Might be something for you to think about.

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gobojo in reply to GrumpyOldJogger

Great thanks I definitely will do that.

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I’m 51 and felt a bit old as just started running again this week and it’s sooooo wonderful hearing all of your seventy year younguns running. I hope now I’ve fallen back in love with it (as soon as I did my first run I was on a high) I can continue like you all.

I’m sorry you fell and it shook you up, but as your fellow runners have said you must do what you enjoy, and remember, people like you all inspire people like me and will keep me going when I’m having a bad day or an injury and doubt myself.

Good luck and thank you for your post x

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I'm 54 - I had people telling me several years ago that I was too old ... GET IN THE BIN!

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Maybe tell this lot ...

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Definitely not too old gobojo! I started when I was 66, having never run in my life. I’m 70 now and have Parkinson’s but I’m still plodding along - I’m really slow and regularly get overtaken by quick walkers but it doesn’t matter to me, as long as I can, I will! And I’m well known for being able to trip when walking on a smooth pavement so I can relate to your concerns about falling but if I thought I was going to fall, I’d probably never leave the house again! You enjoyed it and you miss it - I think you’ve answered your own question! You can do this!

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don’t over think it just go for it !

Why don’t you have a look on Facebook or an online group to see if there’s any beginner running groups in your area - there may be someone out there starting ct5k or feeling the same way ..

or even ask friends or family to go a walk with you while you start your running for the first few weeks to get your confidence back ..

you might feel better knowing there’s someone around incase you feel uneasy . If that’s not an option Mabye start on a treadmill at your local gym or in a busy park so you know you will be safe

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I'm a similar age, 73 in October. I have started doing a few park runs this year. Like you, I run slowly! I started C25K in Jan 2020, having never run before. It kept me busy during lock down

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Soon to be 77 year old here, currently completing Couch for about the fifth time - each time I have an injury or illness, I start again, I mix that up with race walking - nearly as hard as running, but less stressful on the body. If you can get involved with a local racewalking group they will be very welcoming. Athletic and running groups are a bit harder for people my age, but I have a go at 5k runs and Parkruns and racewalking fitness helped me complete a half marathon a couple of years ago..

We are very lucky in our seventies to still be able to run and keep fit - but it is more than luck - the secret is never to stop, keep going.

And. from this viewpoint, 72 ia VERY young.

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You are not too old at all. I have seen people jogging who are in their 80s and 90s. Running at speed is not important. I jog slowly (I am in week 5) and love it!

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