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Running fitness


I’ve been running regularly since I graduated back in April, and have even earned myself a couple of medals! 🏅 It’s the summer holidays and my plan was to get the kids out on their bikes/scooters and I run with them. Well, 5 hours into the holidays my little girl broke her arm! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I haven’t been out running since last Monday and desperate to get out! (My husband has been working late so I can’t even get out in the evening) My question is how long does it take to lose your running fitness? I’ve been walking loads, including uphill walks, and am hoping to run this evening. I was doing so well and my 5K time was coming down nicely. Just don’t want to go backwards!

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Good question. A quick answer is that you wont lose a lot of fitness over that period. Certainly not a noticeable amount.

Long answer here:

MrsE74Graduate in reply to Whatsapp

An interesting read, thanks for that. Seems I may just find it a bit tough, but after a couple of runs back I should be back to where I was. It’s only been 10 days but seems like forever!


Just run if you can! I've had to do a few short runs just because of lack of time. Any run is better than no run! Hope your little girl is ok!! 😎😎

MrsE74Graduate in reply to Ang33333

That’s my plan later. No watch, no time, just a gentle jog to see how it goes. She’s ok, well, broken but ok! Should be healed just in time to go back to school! 🙄🙈

Ang33333Graduate in reply to MrsE74

Poor thing. Glad she's ok 😁

I didn’t run fir two weeks whilst on holiday then came home and did my best run ever, you don’t lose it that quickly, good luck.

MrsE74Graduate in reply to Agelesslass

Snap! Went out and had a great run last night! 👍🏼🏃🏼‍♀️


Well, I went out last night and ran the best I’ve run in a long time! Did 5.5k and even set a new pb for 5k! 🙌🏻 Going on holiday on Monday, so taking my running gear with me to enjoy some costal running! ☺️ Thanks everyone for your replies 👍🏼😊

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