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Week 7 run 2 completed in shiny new runners :-)

Well I took peoples advice and had gait analysis done and am now the proud owner of shiny new running shoes.

Completed the run with no stops. Kept having to tell myself to slow down so that I could complete the run.

It's still hard work, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it!!

Getting giddy with thought of only two more weeks after this one and I am a graduate! To think I found a one minute run 7 weeks ago difficult!!

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Ah great stuff , feeling much the same right now :) so exciting to be able to achieve it all.

Well done and enjoy your new shoes :)


New shoes! Lovely jubbly. Everyone knows that new shoes makes us run better. You tried em yet?


Yep tonight. A pair of brooks Ravenna. I am having trouble with my plantar fasciitis in my right foot (nothing to do with this running. Had it since last year) and he offered advice on that too. Better advice than my doctor gave. Doctors advice was to take ibuprofen and lose weight. Cheers darling!! Anyway gonna try some of his tips to see if it helps. So overall a visit to the running shop was very informative, oh and very expensive!!


Ah but a very good investment! So now you have no excuse not to run!

Well done on getting that far. Enjoy your running.


I was hanging my nose over the Ravennas. I think Notbad has got those. I think your doctor was right. When I was four stone heavier I had problems with my feet. I think it's obvious that carrying a lot of extra weight( as I was) puts a heck of a lot of pressure on the soles of the feet. Once you lighten up then things should improve. My feet are like someone else's now ! LOL So, new shoes, running regularly, losing weight, hopefully your feet will be pain free in no time. Just keep going steady, slow jogs

Good luck. Let us know how the shoes perform.


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