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Treadmill vs the great outdoors!


So up until now I have done all my runs on a treadmill, but after my Race for Life on Saturday, I was inspired to do my last run on the promenade again (gotta love living in Bournemouth) and I have to say - it felt like I was blowing the cobwebs away. Definitely mentally easier to run outside! Especially when there were these views waiting for me! Lovely!

Signed up to Park Run this week too, with Daddy Bridger (he runs a lot more than me!) hopefully I will manage 5k in 30 mins before July, so I can move on to BridgeR to 10k - see what I did there?

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I have only ever run outside and I really cannot imagine running on a treadmill. I think I would give up due to boredom. It is the different views, routes and people I see whilst I'm running that keep me going.

Good luck with the Race for Life :)


Bridger what possessed you to run on a treadmill when you had such a wonderful beach front you could have used!! But I agree it is much easier to run outside, more interesting and more variety in ups & downs too, also loads of fresh air, there is just no competition in my opinion. Enjoy your Parkrun, I'm doing my first duty at my local one on Saturday, keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is kind to us. We run along a beach front too, all 5K which after you have done it a couple of times becomes a little boring, we also have the north sea winds to contend with.


I didn't manage a beach run when I was there recently but the Stour Valley Way was glorious first thing in the morning.


I prefer running outside, i tried to run on the treadmill in the gym but ended up with loads of injures and it was definitely mentally harder!


I struggle running on a treadmill for longer than 10 minutes as boredom sets in looking at the tv screens or gym walls. Nothing like being outside in the beautiful countryside


Ahh I would love to be able to run by the beach!


Outside for me too. I feel like a hamster on a wheel in the gym. Ok for rowing, cross trainer etc but running - no.


Did my W1,R1 this evening on the treadmill, although I plan to do W1,R2 early in the morning in the local park. I think the latter will soon get boring though, as it's not a huge park and I will do several laps (first time will be interesting, to see how many laps I do). If I want to run 'in the countryside' it would have to be off-road, through fields, or along a pavement-less main road. Wish I had a beachfront to run along!

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