Wow... It actually works!

I wish I'd have been as active as I was cynical for the last decade!

I'm 32, overweight, with heart probs. Always shyed away from running because I get so knackered after 60 secs I'm disheartened and give up.

I thought I'd try this programme, seems a bit of a gimmick, but hey!

Week 1 Run 1 - As I expected, I was a mess after 60 secs of running, but I persevered and completed it. I was still pretty out of breath at the end of each 90 sec walk. I was plesantly surprised that I didn't ache all over the next day!

Week 1 Run 2 - Felt about 5% easier than run 1, still cant imagine running for more than 60 secs tho.

Week 1 Run 3 (last night) - Running felt like walking! I don't know whats happened, but it was 100% easier. I recovered from each run in about 15 secs! After the 8th and final run I hadn't broken a sweat, and felt on top of the world. I rewound the podcast and done it again. 16 runs and I hadn't broken a sweat!

I really don't know what happened between runs 2-3 but I feel like a different person. I literally cant believe the difference in a week! I don't want to be over confident as I know it will ramp up a lot from now, but I totally trust it!

Stay in there everyone, it really, really works!


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17 Replies

  • Well done Urbanxi - sounds like you had air in your lungs and the wind in your sails!

    Stick with the programme and Laura will slowly and steadily keep you on the right track and distance to success.

    Hope you are feeling fine today :)

  • Thanks Jaxmc64!

    I feel great today! Being a typical guy I think I'd lose interest if I didn't see results quickly, but the podcasts, this forum, and last nights result have motivated me into completing the whole course!

  • It is rather amazing that the program does improve things noticeably every time you run! Very encouraging.

    Be careful of things like that complete repeat though. More than one person here can tell you that sort of thing put them on the injury couch. The program moves at a slow but steady pace, going the extra mile can set you back. If you feel you can do more, then add on a walk, or look up the Stretch & Tone podcast.

  • Oh what a fab post ! Your enthusiasm just shines through Urbanixi ! :-) I am so pleased for you ,you sound very determined and that youre really enjoying it too ( Double Brucie bonus ! )

    I wish you all the best , keep going youre doing great , and keep posting of your progress :-) xxx

  • Gimmick! Gimmick! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? LOL

  • Sure dies work Urbanxi. Lots of tales on here of people (me included) who thought they'd never be able to run for reason or another, but.... Here we are!

    Now, take it easy, it's not a race unless you want it to be.

  • Hi and welcome aboard. Glad its really working for you. c25k really does work. Stick with it and you'll be running for 30 minutes non-stop before you know it ;o) Good luck.

  • Stick with it and you will be running for 30 minutes non stop in just a few weeks. We all know it works, but I would suggest that you stick to the programme including rest days and don't do more than the suggested runs. In the time I have been on this forum (15 months) there have been many instances of people getting injured through doing too much too soon and then not being able to run at all. You can run every other day so it doesn't take a full nine weeks to complete.

    Good luck and enjoy your running.

  • That sounds great. Hope I breakthrough as fast as you seem to have done.

  • A lot of us feel like you do - why didn't I start this running lark earlier? However we are where we are and we're doing it now! And you're only 32!! A baby really ( well to me you are!).

    You sound really positive and you've done so well. Keep up the momentum but do take it easy and keep to the programme exactly as it says on the tin. That's why it works!

  • Well done for getting started - sounds like you are hooked already!

  • Well done you, for getting into this almost half a lifetime sooner than I did. Don't overdo it though. Too many people knock themselves out that way. Stick with the programme, do as Laura tells you, and take it slowly. Plenty more years for getting faster and doing more after the nine weeks.

  • It's that Laura whispering in your ear that does it! Don't know how but it's definitely her! Watch out, or you'll end up as hooked as the rest of us! Congrats and thanks for telling us about your runs!

  • Thanks for all your support! The podcasts are half of it, this forum is the other half! So motivational!

    I blitzed W2R1 last night, a whole 50% longer runs and no problem at all! I still cant believe I'm doing it!

  • Thanks for all your support! The podcasts are half of it, this forum is the other half! So motivational!

    I blitzed W2R1 last night, a whole 50% longer runs and no problem at all! I still cant believe I'm doing it!

  • "as active as I'd been cynical" - that sums it up brilliantly.

    Well done, and keep going. SLow and steady wins the race etc.

  • Well done Urbanxi... slow and steady wins this programme... you're already seeing the benefits of it so stick to it and don't get carried away... the next 8 weeks will go quickly enough and you'll be running 30 minutes non-stop before you know it... Just take it easy....

    You're hooked already BTW... Welcome to the club!

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