Couch to 5K


Done it! I graduated on Thursday :) the only sad thing is that although I've followed the c25k programme, I only discovered this forum a couple of weeks ago.

To all you fellow runners out there, do persevere with the plan. Even when you feel like giving it up, please keep with it because each run is making your body stronger and fitter. During week 7 I really lost my running mojo. The plan had been going pretty well up to then but I couldn't get into my rhythm, my legs really ached, my breathing felt wrong and basically I really struggled to get through those runs. Week 8 felt better and then I had the three runs of my life in week 9! Everything just felt good and I enjoy running again, so don't give up! Oh and graduation is a great feeling, so stick with it and don't think of having bad runs, just accept that some runs are better than others :)

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Thank you so much for posting this as I am about to do my 3rd run of week 7 and I am feeling precisely that... I WAS dreading going out this morning but after reading your post I'm encouraged. So off I go... Thanks again! :-)


Congratulations on graduating and thank you for reminding us that, even if we don't always feel like it, we need to persevere and get out of the door. Good luck with your next programme.


Good luck with whatever you choose to do next, think you can hang around the site still and we will all encourage you :-)


Well done on your graduation! I too found this site some way into my running regime, but it's amazing how helpful it's been. Keep blogging the mutual supoort is great!.


Thanks for all your lovely messages :)

I'm thinking of sticking with week 9 for another week, then will most likely do the 'stepping stones' podcasts. I'll keep you posted and will keep reading the blogs on here as they do help very much! Was supposed to go for a run today but ended up agreeing to standing in a breezy, chilly field for 6 hours selling mine and hubby's unwanted stuff at a car boot sale, so needless to say the legs have seized up somewhat and wouldn't thank me for making them run too, so going tomorrow instead.

All the best, and remember, your legs and lungs are working hard and doing their best for you - be proud of 'em!


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