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Week 9, Run 3 - The next journey begins!


An amazing graduation run this morning in the sunshine in SW London. I knew this was going to be a tough run (and as the graduation run, an important one) and to get a route long enough for the 30 minutes and to keep things interesting, I'd need to work with a a few hills (okay, slight upward slopes) and plenty of concrete pavement. Fuelled up (energy bar and a glass of water) and away I went just after the school run.

The usual messing about in the first 5 minutes where I thought "ouch, maybe my legs aren't working today", "go back home and rest", "maybe I'll stop and adjust my headset". Just after 5 minutes in I got into my rhythm and settled into my usual pace. It was an great run today (it is a long old time though!) and for a few minutes mid run (and this may sound weird) it felt like I'd just been able to separate the running motion from the rest of me and my legs were just on auto-pilot. I was just enjoying being out and about... I guess that's probably "getting into the zone" I suppose - it was pretty cool but didn't last too long as the reality was it was pretty hard work!

I've met my distance target and my time targets in the 9 weeks of this programme. I have gone from 2 stone overweight to now being 2 stone lighter (not all down to running of course!). I'm certainly fitter than I've ever been (and as a 42 year old bloke that's saying something). I have been wearing my "Couch to 5K Graduate T-Shirt" (pinned link BTW) with pride all day today (it's a running top but I'm wearing it everywhere today)... Thanks to the Mrs for that!

I don't know what's next, but I'm going to aim for a solid 3-4 weeks of "30 minute runs" three times a week to get my stamina and pace up a bit. A Parkrun is booked for the week after next and then? Who knows, 10K races? 5k Races? Just me and the road? I now know I can do whatever I want to do next...

9 weeks ago you couldn't have ever told me I'd run the pace and the time I did today... It's a credit to the programme and the hard work everyone doing C25K puts in every single time you run. Every time I see a runner all I see is someone "getting out there" and pushing themselves forward towards whatever their goals may be. I used to think you were all mad running in the rain and plodding along up hills and getting up super early. Now, my fellow runners, I salute you... every step you run is a step closer to your goals and is doing untold good for you, your health and those around you (well, those who you can get off the couch with you)...

My thanks to the NHS for this programme, Laura for being always supportive (amusing when she told me I was doing great when I messed up a run and was walking almost unable to breath) and to all of you lovely people on this forum for your advice, friendly chats and for your support...

Good luck to all of you - I'll keep you updated on here as my running journey is only just beginning... (oh, and at least now I can try some of my own music - sorry Laura)... :)

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A great big congratulations on graduating and I hope your future running journey brings you much joy :)


Thanks - I didn't think C25K would bring me much joy to be honest... I was wrong... so here's to the next chapter!


Congratulations! And I agree with KittyKat, you look great :)

Reading this has made me really excited for WHEN I graduate heehee! Thanks for the inspiration :)


Many congratulations!!! (bows deeply and humbly!)

It must be a fanTAStic feeling! Revel in it! Cool runnings!!! :-)

Thanks also for boosting a little starter runner ... i'm attempting to kick-start the dropping of 14kg alongside the Couch25k plan and now you've told me you have binned about 13 i'm hopeful i've got a chance too! (W3R1 done, minus 2.5kg so far)

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to BoPeep9009

Best of luck! Stick to it.. You need diet AND exercise... :)

BoPeep9009Graduate in reply to aussiegtc

Thanks Mr Super-Fit Skinny Ribs! I'm playing catch-up here but i'm very much still in the game!!! :-)


BAng Bang Boom Boom!! Well done. Your plan is the right one. It's what I did for a while before working out what to do next. The program is amazing and really works and all you have to do now is get used to going out 3 times per week and running 5K. Even do a 3K and two 5's? It's up to you, but stamina building is the next goal. It took me a year to run a 10K - partly because I just couldn't ever imagine myself running DOUBLE a 5K which is what I'd only just got used to. But I did it eventually, and others have done that distance far sooner after graduating than I did. So enjoy your graduation and congratulations once again.

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to danzargo

Thanks! Slow and steady (eventually) wins the race... keeping the momentum now is the challenging bit I'm sure... although I have a "side by side photo" of me before this all started against the photo you now see.. that's quite a motivator right there! And how great I feel "when the run is over"... not every run feels so great "while I'm running it"... :)

Well done on the 10K - that's my eventual goal I think. Any further is just too far away to contemplate right now! :)


Congratulations and a big well done :)


Well done on your graduation. You've done the work, now it's time to enjoy the reward - you've earned it. Good luck with your post graduate running and best wishes.

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks fitmo... Now to experiment with tunes, distance and pace... :)


Superb work and a super post. You have captured what goes in my head really well too. I am one run away from graduation and can't wait.

Hit a flat spot couple of weeks ago, but the team here have really helped me to keep positive and keep going

Very best wishes in teh coming months and keep us posted


aussiegtcGraduate in reply to ChrisChappel

Good luck on your graduation run. Enjoy it!


wow , well done you and I remember that feeling of excitement so much from a year ago ( I graduated a year ago at 42 as well)....I would suggest working up to a 10k ( which is what I did), and definately parkrun which is fab.... :)


Wonderful post, sir, and superb work. Congratulations on graduating. What a feeling it must be; feel proud (though you won't need me to tell you that!) and enjoy the achievement!


Many congratulations - its just an amazing feeling isnt it? Your enjoyment and sense of achievement shines through your post. Long may you continue to enjoy your running.

Congratulations on your graduation, and what a lovely write-up. Enjoy your next running adventures and keep on posting!

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