What is the best time for a run? W2r2

I've just started on week 2 and loving going early in the morning, between 6:30-7. This is great as it's the summer hols and I work in a school but in three weeks I'm back and have to leave the house at 6:50. Evenings are difficult as I have two little ones. Anyone run before 6 in the morning or is this just ridiculous? I really want to complete!


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14 Replies

  • Some people do... Miles_Yonder has been known to do a 3am... I do a 5:30 occasionally...

    I'm sure you'll find time to squeeze 30 minutes in... Can you shower or change at school? Can you run there or run home? Can you park away from the school if you drive and then run to the car?

    Lots of options... ;) just enjoy it...

  • I had the same problem as you and had to juggle toddlers and work. I started the programme in April so the morning were just bright enough to go out at 5.50/6am and once I got into the programme I would have got up at any time to run!!! I did try some evening runs when kids were in bed but just found I was too tired or I had eaten too much during the day as I like to run on empty. Another tip would be to use a local gym if you don't fancy been out late or early for that matter on your own, depends where you run. Believe me when you get that bit of freedom from family/work and get further into the programme you WILL find the time! Best of luck.

  • I struggle the days I'm at work but set the alarm and get out there! I've certainly been finding it gives me a buzz all day. Even went out in the pouring rain the other day but actually enjoyed that too!!!

  • I also have a small child and a hubby who works shifts. I thought I would hate morning runs and wanted to avoid them but I have found I do more morning runs than evening ones. I do mornings at weekends and when my hubby is on late shift. I do evenings when he is on early shifts. I have managed to fit running into my life. I have just completed week 6 run 3 this morning. Hope you find a solution x

  • During the week I leave my house to run at around 0520 which gives me time to get back, shower, recover a bit, feed cats, prep lunch and leave the house at 0650! (I don't have breakfast till I am checking emails etc at work). I am only on week 5 and it has been fine so far, but it might be a bit of a struggle in the winter as the street lights don't get switched on till 6, so I might have to change my routine when the dark mornings come.

  • Hi, I go out at 5:15! No problems, nice and quiet and in the winter I have a head torch :-)

  • I'm normally out about 5.30. This is my first -season' as a runner so I'm also a bit concerned about the winter months. I find I just can't run in the evening - I really struggle to get my breathing right - so it's got to be mornings for me.

    If you're determined then I'm sure you'll find a way.

    Good luck with the rest.

    :-) x

  • Any time of year, I'm up at first light and out of the door! OK, so in June when it's light at about 4am, I might snooze a little! but I'm a morning person and running early sets me up for the day!

  • Can you afford a treadmill and have the space for one in your house? I know it's not the same, but it could get you through those difficult days that we all have when our family is very young. My daughter uses one, never goes on the road, she is too self conscious, and has become very fit. She has a heart problem and needs to keep in tip top fitness if she can.

  • I run at 4:30 in the morning. When I started c25k, I went out at 5am and managed to get back in time to sort things out and leave the house by 6:30/6:45. I had to change a few things like making pack lunches the night before. Hope that helps?

  • I'm a morning runner and find the freshness of the day wonderful....but as the days get shorter, it can be a bit off-putting for some.

    I would suggest trying to keep to earlies (if you can), and play it by ear. I would add a word of caution here, and that is that you can find you lose track of time, so make sure you have a really good watch, as the excuse, 'I was out running', doesn't really wash with employers! Also, for the sake of workmates everywhere, make sure you shower/bath before going to work.

    Good luck and happy running.

  • I have two children under the age of 5 and work too...I too struggle for time. I do a Fri evening, sun morning and wed evening. I get my hubby to do bedtimes on wed and Fri and make sure I eat a banana at about 3pm. It means not eating with the family but works for me! When I'm doing £5k (on week 7), I might squeeze in two runs during the week at lunchtime as we have a shower in the office. I couldn't do pre 6am as I know I would be snapping at the kids in the evening, haha! Good luck!

  • I do early morning runs because I enjoy them, but I have the luxury of being retired so time don't really matter.

    Good luck with the program. It must be tough to juggle the time with 2 little ones!

    Enjoy your running!

  • I get up at 4am and usually out the door for 4.30am after cracking the old peepers open and shoving contacts into them.....I find there's no one but me and the odd taxi driver around and I can run in peace and find my head space.

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