W5R3 What a run!

I was very apprehensive about this run - a whole 20mins without stopping when just a few weeks ago one minute was hard! But I did it and I am so happy! The 20mins went by so much faster than I thought it would, and although Im pretty sure I could have walked just as fast I didnt stop! And it was a really good run too :) The dog got a few compliments about how well trained she is (staying in a nice heel even when we passed another dog) and everything went perfectly - no stitches, no muscle pain, the only thing that wasnt 100% perfect was the weather - its going to be 38 degrees today so was already 24 when I went out at 5:45 this morning, which is a bit warmer than what I prefer. But it is at least overcast so there was no hot sun.

I have a bit of a system to help keep me motivated during a run - Ill go the day before I have actually scheduled the run in, and that way I have allowed a 'practise' run if I cant make it, but the extra motivation of 'if I do it today, I dont have to do it tomorrow' really helps too!

Bring on week 6! (I am actually still a bit scared, reading other posts it sounds like going back to intervals can be difficult for some people, hopefully it is fine though! Either way I WILL do it even if it takes a few tries).


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15 Replies

  • Woo Hoo Well done you and pooch ! :-)

    38 degrees ??? Where are you ? Blimey , now that IS hot ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks!

    Im out in regional Western Australia, so yep it is getting hot this time of year! I get to spend the rest of the day in my nice cool air conditioned office though so I should be ok :)

  • That is a great motivational system you have - win win (I love all the different ways we find to deal with the mental angles). Congratulations on getting that biggie in the bag. I'm sure week 6 will go fine. Enjoy it and Happy Christmas!

  • What a fab feeling completing W5R3 is, well done!

  • I agree! It's the best feeling to achieve it.

  • Well done you. Especially running such heat!!!

    Wk6 - it's all in your head! You can & you will! I've been reading how when you start extending your distance, you should pull it back every 3-4 weeks, so just see wk6 r 1&2 as preparation for that, and you'll be fine! 😀

  • Well done - that one is a real milestone in the programme!

  • Yeay! Go you.... sounds warm....:)

    Well done, and try to just stay focused on,now, and not what is to come.... slow and steady gets us there :)

  • well done you! it's a fantastic feeling isn't it :)

  • Well done x x

  • Well done :)

  • Excellent. Don't be put off by week 6, just stay positive and don't let the gremlins knock you off course. :-)

  • Scared! It's nothing like a trip to the dentist 😊

    You'll enjoy it. Just go steady ☺

  • Great well done, you .

  • Congratulations on a great run and an extremely well behaved pooch! Well done, bring on week 6, you'll be fine, take it slow and steady! :)

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