What is a good time for running?

I'm not a morning person, and getting up extra early for exercise is almost out of question for me - at the most I'll push myself for a week or two before giving up, as has happened with my earlier fitness ventures. So I've finally started running at 10 pm, after work and after finishing all my chores. Despite a few setbacks, I'm now entering week 4 of my C25K programme. Am I being lazy, or is it ok to run at any time in the day as long as I don't give up?


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11 Replies

  • I've tried running in the mornings, but on the three occasions that I have I've strained a calf muscle (I'm currently nursing the latest one) so have concluded that my muscled are not ready at that time of day. I usually run in the afternoon on the weekend or straight after work (6.30pm) during the weekend. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to rouse myself from my sofa at 10pm, but if that's what suits you, why not? :-)

  • I don't do mornings, mine range from lunchtime onwards to midnight - whatever works for you!

  • If I wait until later in the day to run, I can come up with 1000 really really good reasons not to run. I have to run very early in the morning. I prefer to run on an empty stomach, too.

  • Likewise. Running at 5:30am is perfect for me, no water, no fluid, no food. Wakeup, run!

    I've tried running later in the day and nearly always struggle.

  • I prefer evenings after work during the week and late mornings at the weekend. It really is a personal choice. I don't do mornings either.

  • I'm another morning person. The only way I could find time to run was by getting up an hour earlier and leaving everyone else asleep. I'm too crabby and tired by the end of the day, and by the time I've got the kids to bed, done a bit of housework and tidying then all I want to do is lounge on the sofa.

    But you have to find a time that suits you, there's no point planning to run in the mornings if you won't stick to it. It's important not to run too soon after a meal though, so try to plan a space in between eating and running.

  • It's purely personal choice and different times suit different people. You may find later on that you try and prefer different times. For the first few weeks of the program I always got up early in the morning and ran before work. Now that I tend to run for longer, I run two evenings a week with running club and a long run one weekend morning.

    You should really eat something after running, even if just a protein shake, to help your body recover. You might need to be careful you eat something that won't disturb your sleep later on !

  • I'd agree with the others, if running at 10pm suits you then stick with it. I'm so jealous as I work shifts and cannot get in any kind of routine. I've graduated but not quite kept up with it, clearly need a new goal but the lack of routine really doesn't help.

    If the morning doesn't work for you then stay in bed !!

  • Mornings are best for me, because otherwise I am too cosy and comfortable to venture out in the evenings. It was sort of okay in summer - I loved coming back in the dusk, but not now - brrrr! I think you just have to go with what works for you. Enjoy your running :)

  • Hello everyone, I deactivated my account and created a new one for some really stupid reason that I've already forgotten... anyway, thank you all for your replies. I should mention that I'm in India, so 10 pm is not as bad as it may sound to some of my UK friends here. Your answers have been really encouraging.

  • I tend to go out running about 6pm ish. I prefer running in the dark to be honest. It's my way to unwind and get rid of all the stress from the working day. It seems to work for me so that'll do me for now.

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