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4 months postpartum - advice and motivation please!


Hi all, I’m new to this forum and to running! Mum to 3, the latest being 4 months old. I have in a moment of sleep deprived madness agreed to run a 10km run in memory of my friends father for cancer research in feb 2019. Having avoided any form of exercise for years this is a huge, huge challenge for me. I’ve been looking at the posts on this site and am in awe of the support out there, so run 2 of week one done and dusted today and am feeling good but looking forward seems like a challenge too much especially with the darker days approaching... any advice with regards to running after giving birth would be gratefully received - thanks all x

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Well done completing two runs. You can be ready for that 10k, but it’s not far away.

Run slow and steady and keep to the rest days... resist all urges to try to speed this up, an injury will not help.

You are looking at the end of November to be done if you can keep going 3 a week or every other day. You’ll be running 30 minutes then, but maybe not 5k (less than 10% of us get to 5k in the programmes weeks). Being pessimistic/realistic let’s say you’re at 4K... you’ll have about 11 weeks to get to 10k, and from 4 that could be tight but doable.

So... I would err on the side of caution and say you’re certainly going to be capable of doing a run-walk 10k by then... then you can meet your commitment without hurting yourself. Prepare for that and if you can run 10k by then, that’s a bonus.

As for this plan... you can do that, you’ve started well, just keep going.


Congratulations, starting to run only four months after giving birth is such a brave thing to do, but what a noble cause. Having given birth just over a year ago, I guess my only advice would be my midwifes favourite saying - to remember your pelvic floor!! Perhaps have a word with your gp too. Good luck, let us know how the run in Feb goes x

Thanks Ravenjax! I def need to work on PF and my core, I’m going to be running with a few other mums so that’s high on our worry list! Will def keep you updated as to progress x


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Follow the plan and you will get there.

Enjoy your journey.


Welcome x

Agree with all the above. I would just add keep posting about your runs. Good or bad I believe it really helps. I would not be at wk5 (and enjoying it) if it wasn't for the amazing support of the forum.

Happy running and the very best of luck with your run in feb x

Thanks UNM, great advice as was tempted to try and do more runs to try and speed up the process 🙈, would totally be happy with a run/walk 10km, thanks again

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You’re welcome... compressing this plan is very risky, and a badly torn muscle would mean you’d probably be walking the whole of that 10k... it’s so not worth the risk.

You’re running for a great cause and in a great father’s memory... you need to have fun doing it, so just get to however much running you can do safely and have a great day when that run comes, it’s gonna be emotional, but when I run thinking about someone who’s no longer with us, I have to smile during the run, quietly say a few words after and then celebrate their life with a nice pint or six.

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