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By week 4, hello week 5

Well, what can I say. I just can't get enough of this running. I even woke up early this morning so I could get out and do my run before I went out for the day. I LOVE it. I've not looked to see what week 5 will bring my way, I'm sure it's going to challenge me, but with Laura holding my hand I KNOW I can do it.

I've enjoyed week 4 and I feel so brilliant.

I read someone else say this earlier in the week, but I feel alive. It's wonderful.

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Yes I agree - I'm feeling alive after each run and such a sense of achievement! Good luck and best wishes for W5 - no bother to you!


I love that sense of achievement too. I'm still in the "wow I've just been running and I'm still alive" phase. I'm just itching to get out there again. It's such a clever format and I love being swept along by each daily challenge. I'm really interested in the psychological aspect of it all. I'm hardly considering if I'm capable. I just know I must be!

Best wishes to you too!


Week 5 will bring you further achievement and aliveness! Good luck and best wishes.


Thanks fitmo.


I am at the same stage as you and feel exactly the same! At the beginning I was so glad for the rest days but now I want to crack on and run! I don't want to examine the philosophy behind it all as I am getting such a kick out of pushing myself, meeting goals, running .... Tomorrow is unfortunately a rest day but my energy levels are so sky high that I am going for a good swim early in the morning! This is amazing to me how motivated I am!


Hope your grandaughter has arrived safely?

I know what you mean about energy levels. It's difficult to put a brake on isn't it. I'd run every day I think if Laura told me to!

Enjoy your swim - sounds like a great thing to do on your "rest"day - I wish we had a pool nearer.



Little Leia (pronounced as in Star Wars) checked in at 4.32am on 25th March weighing 8lb.3.5oz after a 4.5 hour labour. She is beautiful though hubby says she's the most beautiful Winston Churchill lookalike he's ever seen! Good job our daughter likes his sense of humour :)

I had a good swim but I favour the breast stroke which plays havoc with my knee so I may have to do the crawl which for me is tougher. I may need an extra rest day now as I am sitting here with knee bandages on in the hope my knees will be ok tomorrow. We shall see. Happy running. I will catch you up :) xxx


Congratulations! A good healthy weight. And what a quick delivery!

Watch those knees. Do you prefer the running or the swimming?

I'll keep an eye out for you, over my shoulder!

It's the 8 minute runs for me tomorrow, so I might be borrowing your knee supports! lol


Thank you :)

I did prefer swimming but now I enjoy the running! Waking up this morning and my right knee is still painful; so much to my disappointment, I don't think it is wise to run today :(

Happy running. I am sure you will manage the 8 min run just fine but do report on yiur achievement later :)



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