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I may be hooked!

Hello all,

My name is Janet and i'm a newbie to running and on the boards, but have been lurking.

I have ran before but always went out with my partner who is oober fitt-ish (I say ish as he hasn't done much for above 6 months either) BUT in the past I have ran with him for thirty minutes, managed maybe 2 weeks of 3 runs and then not carried on as I hated every step, putting more energy into profanities than my legs.

So, I have had this on my ipod for a few years now and decided to try it and i did W3R1 Yesterday and am itching to do it again, so maybe i am hooked? I do hope so.

On the less then positive side, I have found each run challenging. On the plus side, I have completed them mid morning in the warmest weather i think we have had for years in the UK, so surely things can only get better :D

I have really enjoyed all the posts, and whilst not much of a blogger, I am hoping to contribute to your boards.

Keep on keeping on! :)


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Hello Janet and welcome to this community. It's great that you have run before and you do sound fit, but perhaps you haven't enjoyed it so much because you've done too much too soon. If you've gone from no running to running for 30 minutes, I'm not surprised you've found it challenging!

I'd suggest you start at the beginning of the C25K and complete each run as per the plan. That way, your joints, muscles, heart and lungs get used to running and there is less stress on your body. Take your rest days and don't do too much too soon.

I think if you do it this way you'll enjoy running more and you'll likely become addicted like the rest of us! Good luck and keep us updated on how you're doing.


Oh, I didn't explain myself very well. :/

No, this time I started using the c25k podcast and have done week one and two and yesterday did run 1 of week 3 and thoroughly enjoying it so far (that's maybe stretching it actually) and I think previously, running thirty minutes straight off was why I hated it as I hadn't given my lungs, body, legs chance to build and grow.

This time, doing the programme, I'm looking forward to the next run! And yes, I trust in it and am definitely taking the rest days :)

Thanks for your reply :)


Aah, that makes more sense! Well done in getting this far!

Just take it slow and steady, repeat runs if you have to and take your time. There's no hurry!

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Thank you :)


Hi Janet

I too have found it addictive and enjoyed working through the podcasts, looking forward to the next run. Happy running x

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